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Quick Look: Space Themed Game Music

MusicianJazz Paladin
Year Published2022

Playing Time48 min

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From the Musician:
There are many, many , space-themed board games out there to play these days, filled with highly engaging and thrilling gameplay , but how many times have you wished you could take your experience to the next level?

Jazz Paladin has been looking at ways to elevate his game nights, and thought it would be great to make music specifically designed for board game night, specifically meant to fit within the “Space” genre.

Whether you are looking for something to musically compliment your 4x game of Twilight Imperium or Eclipse, or maybe a coop campaign such as Stars of Akarios, “Space Themes : Ambient Music” for game night is filled with over 50 minutes of music, most of which are original compositions designed with the latest hardware synth technology.

From big, boomy fully-analog techno fully subtractive synth beats to mesmerizing FM synth soundscapes and even virtual analog creations, this collection of tunes is sure to have something that fits the scene for your interstellar stellar travels and adventures.

As an added bonus and by popular demand, Jazz Paladin has included 3 fully licensed cover song renditions from the classic “Metroid” series. While not his typical jazz style, these new renditions are designed to fit within the sound palette of this full length feature album with a new feel for the classic tunes of Brinstar, Kraid’s Lair, and Phendrana Drifts!


The vast and infinite domain of space awaits you—what are you waiting for? Give it it try!

Disclaimer: The publisher provided the copy of Space Themed Game Music. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.



I am the kind of person who seems to always need some sort of background noise, whether I am at work, doing yardwork, or travelling. So, having some background music for playing games seems like a good fit. I have encountered it at game nights at friends’ houses, but I had yet to set up my own background music. Being a sci-fi fan and enjoy playing space themed games, this set of music is a good place to start. I was happy to find that the music did not disappoint. The music provides a pleasant background while playing games without being too overwhelming or distracting. I was able to enjoy the music during down time between games and turns when I wasn’t thinking of strategy. Jazz Paladin has delivered a music set that works well and is enjoyable to listen to even when not playing games.



As Jazz Paladin has pointed out, the theme of the music is Space. People may have a different idea for what constitutes Space music, but Jazz presents music that can very easily fit into the Space music genre. The highly techno tracks aren’t simply electronic beats to present an electronic sound, but rather enhance the Space feel through the inclusion of techno synth sounds.

It also isn’t just Space. Jazz Paladin interestingly enough, and maybe because of his name, also presents the music with a jazz flair. Several tracks sound more like they belong in a lounge on some space station in the far reaches of space.


Final Thoughts:

I have an appreciation for almost all music and really enjoy listening to a variety of genres (my favorites playlist includes many genres classical, hip-hop, country, jazz, etc.). Jazz has put together a collection of songs that has a consistency across them, but is not so communalized that they all sound the same, making it enjoyable to listen to the whole set. My favorite track is #5, Orion. It gives me a feeling of hope and dreams for the future in space, but also transports me back to my youth and the dreams and aspirations I had of being an astronaut. Although, Track #10, Chronos, with its jazzy overtone is a close second. Overall a very well composed music set and worth adding to your musical library.


For Listeners Who Like:  Techno, Jazz, Gaming themed background music


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Thomas Shepherd- Reviewer

I grew up loving to solve puzzles, play games, and have fun.  In my younger years I had fun playing pencil games, enjoyed the creativity of playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, and generally hanging out with others. My favorite thing to do was to make puzzles of all kinds, mazes, word games, picture games, etc.

Sadly my career took me in a different direction, solving computer problems rather than gaming problems.

Gaming came back into my life, though, in a big way about 15 years ago, and I have held onto it since. I still enjoy designing games and have 9 published titles, which I did through my own game publishing company, Toresh Games, prior to the Covid pandemic. Sadly I was not able to sustain the company through the pandemic.

I highly encourage people to play games, make friends, and have fun. As a game enthusiast, I would love to see a return to games as the best social media platform for the masses.

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