Space Themes : Ambient Music for Game Night

There are many, many , space-themed board games out there to play these days, filled with highly engaging and thrilling gameplay , but how many times have you wished you could take your experience to the next level?

Jazz Paladin has been looking at ways to elevate his game nights, and thought it would be great to make music specifically designed for board game night, specifically meant to fit within the “Space” genre.

Whether you are looking for something to musically compliment your 4x game of Twilight Imperium or Eclipse, or maybe a coop campaign such as Stars of Akarios, “Space Themes : Ambient Music for Game Night” is filled with over 50 minutes of electronic, synth-based music that grooves to the rhythm of the universe.

As an added bonus and by popular demand, Jazz Paladin has included 3 fully licensed cover song renditions from the classic “Metroid” series. While not his typical jazz style, these new songs are designed to fit within the sound palette of this full length feature album with a new feel for the classic tunes of Brinstar, Kraid’s Lair, and Phendrana Drifts!

This collection of tunes is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon music and more via the following links with high-res sound files. Or if you prefer streaming or to try the music for free, you may also find the music on Spotify or your other favorite music streaming platforms.


This Music Hits the Airwaves on July 25, so be sure to check back here when the time comes for the links to your future!

The vast and infinite domain of space awaits you—what are you waiting for? Give it a try for free on the following links! Or look for it on your favorite download / streaming app for high res files!

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