Blessings and Tielfing Poetry Guide (Video) Review

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Quick Look: Blessings and Tielfing Poetry Guide

Publisher: Dark Eagle Games
Year Published: 2023

A 5e DM resource with blessings, story hooks, rules, and more.

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From the Publisher:

The ultimate resource for adding a touch of magic to your campaigns! Designed by a retired tiefling bard who once adventured in his youth, this guide is packed with minor boons that your heroes can use to gain powers and abilities, adding a whole new level of excitement to your game.

With over 100 blessings to choose from, sourced from Divine, Tranquil, and Demonic sources, the Blessing & Tiefling Poetry Guide is sure to become a staple in your 5e campaigns. Whether you want to save the day in the face of impossible odds, turn the tide of a battle, or simply spice up your game with some unique powers and abilities, this guide has got you covered.

As a micro-publisher, Dark Eagle Games is dedicated to producing high-quality resources that enhance your gameplay experience. So if you’re looking for a useful and memorable resource that will keep your players coming back for more, look no further than the Blessing & Tiefling Poetry Guide. And stay tuned for more exciting projects from Dark Eagle Games in the future!

Disclaimer: The publisher provided the PDF copy of Blessings and Tielfing Poetry Guide. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.


After watching TechnoFunkBoy’s review, if this sounds like a resource for you at the time of this posting the Blessings and Tielfing Poetry Guide is available on DriveThruRPG and currently on sale for only $6. Check it out and get yours HERE.

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