Wolfwalker: My Story Review

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Quick Look: Wolfwalker: My Story

Designer:  Maja Milavec
Artists: Cartoon Saloon
Publisher: Value Add Games
Year Published: 2021

No. of Players1-4*

Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 25 minutes

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From the Publisher:

In this original board game, you can choose to play competitively or cooperatively as WolfWalkers.

The objective of the game is to complete a wolf soul before soldiers find its Lair. Find the best roads through the woods, collect runes, buy different tiles, avoid the soldiers and collect wolf souls. Will you be brave enough?


Disclaimer: The publisher provided the copy of Wolfwalker: My Story. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.


WolfWalker my story is a competitive card game where one builds its storyboard trying to to obtain more point than its adversaries.

The Game

The game is made of 56 double-sided cards.  Each card has a Story-side and an Objective-side. One after the other players select one of the 8 available cards to place in their Story-grid orthogonally from an already placed card.  The story grid is a 5 by 5 grid that contains all cards, Story-side and Objective-side alike.

Story-side displays a beautiful illustration (more about art-style later) and between 1 and 4 symbols whereas objective-side display a way to organize symbols in your grid that would allow you to gain points.  There are 3 ways symbols will let you gain points, the most common one is building your grid to match a pattern displayed on one Objective-card that is also in your grid.  You can also encounter symbol-avoidance cards or symbol-friendly cards that give you points if they are free/placed orthogonally from one specific symbol.

Playing the game is fairly simple and relaxing, although small mistakes can have big consequences because you will never be able to re-arrange the card and get back the space you used.

Why it’s awesome and a word about Solo play:

First of all, I’d say that the publishers are too modest.  They stamped the game with a “2-players” tag which strictly speaking Is true.  But they included rules to play with 4 if you buy two games which for me already brings the game to a “2-4* players” count.  And even then prepare your mind to be blown … it’s really easy to play solo.  

Here is my suggestion to play solo : set up the game normally, the purpose is for you to score the maximal amount of points :

00-20 : Wolf Cub

20-40 : Wolfy

40-60 : True Form

60-80 : Wolf pack

80-100 : Wolf walker

100< : Wolfpack leader

In order to set up the difficulty, you can choose the number of time you are allowed to discard a cart from the market: Easy (6), Normal (3), Hard (1), Very Hard (0).

And there you have it: the full set of solo rules with points and difficulty, without adding any mechanics into the game.  So one might ask why I self-made it and why the publisher didn’t include it in the game from the start.  The only explanation I have is that they are not “interested” by solo play and might not think there are things like solo-board gamer as they turn their focus on familial game (taking a familial license).  Which is a pity but doesn’t take away the fact that the solo play is also really good and relaxing to play for adults and children alike.

Art-style and Material:

Well, Wolf-Walker was a movie before a board game.  The movie directors took strong artistic choices.  You have to love it or hate it but for sure you’ll recognize it everywhere should it show up.  And I personally love it, Wolfwalker: My Story captured the right moment from the movie to give a beautiful and animated board respecting the movie’s art direction.  The symbols added as well as the overall typology are also respecting the feeling of the movie.


Conclusion : get it now !

I really loved Wolfwalker:the story and I feel like a merge of Draughts and Solitaire.  It’s easy and fast to play and somehow really relaxing.  You should play with two but you’d also be good playing on your own.  All that encompassed in a beautiful art style inherited from the movie.

Let’s talk about the money

MRSP : 27€ (30 $)

Given the quality of the game its pretty cheap and you should get it.  If you wait a few months you might see it for 10€ or something like that, I wouldn’t hesitate, Wolfwalker: My Story is a great family game that will bring you joy.

After reading QuelqunQui‘s review, if this sounds like a game for you at the time of this posting Wolfwalker: My Story
is available for purchase on AMAZON for $29.99. Check it out and pick up yours HERE.
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