Mythberry Tiles: Environmental Modular Tiles Kickstarter Spotlight

Mythberry Tiles: Environmental Modular Tiles
Publisher: Mythberry Studio
” Mythberry Tiles can be the perfect addition to any of your favorite tabletop RPGs!

These tiles are designed with storytelling in mind; literally allowing you to lift your design up from the tabletop. The structure allows you to quickly assemble, pick up and carry your build wherever you need to go. Bring it fully assembled or broken down flat; it can be easily snapped together on site.

Our tiles consist of four main components:

The tiles. The injection moulded ABS plastic tiles create durability and rigidity. They consist of 2×2 grid pieces that are ready to be painted or left as is to allow the Storyteller to customize the scene. Lastly, they are sized compatibly with most other tile systems on the market.

The Caps. Easily customizable and interchangeable, they add a whole new level to the game. They are easily swapped before or during gameplay. Our caps are 3D printable and enable full customization of the tile system without needing a whole new build for a change of terrain. Floors, walls, ceilings or roofs can all have their textures changed on the fly without impacting the build itself, allowing for flexibility, creativity, and imagination!

The Corner Pieces! Not to be overlooked, these versatile parts can build doors, windows, stairs, railings and so much more. They add strength and detail, finishing off a scene with meticulous precision. Our corner pieces are a key component to a dynamic build.

The Mythberry. The connector that locks our base tiles in place, it is designed with a ball and socket joint for mobility, flexibility and strength. Using a unique right angle setup, it allows for a deeper level of complexity in designs. “

Mythberry Tiles: Environmental Modular Tiles
 will be live on KICKSTARTER until Wed, July 7 2021 10:02 AM PDT, and has a funding goal of $6,459.
Find out more HERE.

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