Blood, Sweat & Steel, a Sword & Sorcery Tabletop RPG Kickstarter Spotlight


Blood, Sweat & Steel, a Sword & Sorcery Tabletop RPG
Publisher:  Fudgit Publishing
Designer: James Paese
Role Playing Game
 “Fudge-based dark fantasy, sword & sorcery tabletop RPG”

The unique features list looks something like this:
  • Unified Dice Mechanic – every roll in the game uses the same Fudge/Fate dice roll
  •  Skill-Based Characters – no classes or professions. PC’s generally consist of Attributes, Skills, Qualities, and Talents.
  •  Simultaneous Actions Resolution – no initiative rolls. Everything happens simultaneously, with the winners of each Exchange taking their action against the losers of each Exchange.
  •  No Weapon/Armor Stats Or Damage Rolls – Resolution determined from a single opposed roll
  •  Non-Linear Wound System – no hitpoints or wound track, uses a threshold system
  •  Freeform Sorcery System – no spell or ritual lists, Characters create whatever spells and rituals they can think of
  •  Goal-Based Character Development – Characters earn experience points by accomplishing specific Major and Supporting Goals.
  •  Abstract Economic System – no more accounting and bookkeeping to account for every copper piece.
  •  Situational Modifiers – Modifiers are designed to be used where they make sense, allowing GM’s and groups to have more flexibility in resolving conflicts.
  •  Robust Combat Tactics – From zone-based movement, to combat stances, to combat maneuvers (like tripping, disarming, tackling, etc.), Players can employ advanced tactics and strategies to tip the scales to their favor.
Blood, Sweat & Steel, a Sword & Sorcery Tabletop RPG will be live on KICKSTARTER until Sat, June 26 2021 7:39 AM PDT, and has a funding goal of $2,500.
Find out more at HERE

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