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Quick Look: Dice Throne

Designer:  Nate Chatellier, Manny Trembley
Artists: Gavan Brown, Manny Trembley
Publisher: Roxley
Year Published: 2018

No. of Players: 2-6
Ages: 8+
Playing Time: 20-40 minutes

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From the Publisher:

Dice Throne is a fast-paced 2-6 player combat game, whether 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, or free-for-all. Select from a variety of heroes that play and feel completely distinct from one another. Attack opponents and activate abilities by rolling your hero’s unique set of five dice. Accumulate combat points and spend them on cards that have a large range of effects, such as granting permanent hero upgrades, applying status effects, and manipulating dice directly whether yours, your teammate’s, or even your opponent’s.

Each player needs their own hero dice and cards to play Dice Throne. “Season One” of the game was released in a single box that contains components for six heroes, while “Season Two” was released in four small sets that each contain components for two heroes as well as a “Battle Chest” that has these four small sets. Heroes can be mixed-and-matched across seasons.

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Nothing in mid-twentieth century gaming felt better to yell than Yahtzee! The odds were stacked against you and you would always feel the sheer girth of points you earned by such an amazing (and  very lucky) roll of the dice. The game Dice Throne by Roxley Games and their latest  coop adventure box set captures that euphoric feeling once again. 
The game takes the core mechanic of rolling a set of five dice up to three times and applies results of the rolls to the attributes of up to 16 unique characters as of this  review. Eight in “Season 1 reloaded” and eight in “season 2”. Four boss characters are  also available for play from the Adventure box set which requires a review in and of its  own. The boards are character specific – you lay out in front of you in the PVP original  rule set. You can be up, rolling dice, and dealing damage to your opposite foe (a.k.a.  bestie) in under a minute. 

The board attributes are enhanced throughout the game play with the addition of a hand  of cards that also associate to the theme of the character you play. If you love the old  KungFu Theater with the notably poorly dubbed English overlays then maybe the Ninja  is your choice in play. More of the western Clint Eastwood shoot-up type, then the  Gunslinger is your flavor. You take the good, the bad, and the ugliness of your rolls to  achieve victory. There is a character that can fit your personality. That is why this game  ranks so high on the Meepology tracker as it delivers theme, relevance to a past game  which new gamers can associate with, and constant Interaction throughout the  session. 

It is a back and forth turn play match in PvP using combat points, as currently written into the rules, to upgrade your abilities to over take and destroy the gaming souls of your opponent by  reducing their easy to track health dials down to zero. 

The designers did a magnificent job play testing the verbiage to minimize any  contradicting rulings and even provide text on cards and in the rule book for such situations. The online community is absolutely phenomenal with providing almost instantaneous feedback and answers to any rules question one may have. The most challenging aspect to navigate within the game is the variants of damage that each  character uniquely performs on their turn. Regular, unblock-able, pure…. Ultimate, and  when the moon elf blocks Uranus ( sophomoric? I know). The chart will slow the game  in its earlier plays but eventually, like the elemental chart in chemistry, it will become  second nature. Ok, maybe not, but it does add a layer of complexity that you will find  appealing once you understand their definitions. 

The game’s turn play is very intuitive with three simple color coded phases. With a  main phase similar to that of Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast at both the  beginning and end of each player turn, the system provides opportunities to play or discard your hand and change the abilities to the betterment for your character or affect the playability of your opponent. The offensive and defensive phase provides the common structure found in games to easily resolve attacks performed by the rolling of the dice to achieve sequences of matching symbols, small or large straights, and of course the ultimate 5 identical symbols (6’s) to do crushing blows to the opposite characters and  to the persons psyche. The inclusion of “instant” red cards gives the player options to change the dynamic of the game at any phase on any turn.  

Dice Throne is token heavy giving games like X-wing from Fantasy Flight a run for their  bitcoin! All are well illustrated and defined within the rulebook as well.  

Overall the game is as solid of a system as you can ask for in today’s hobby. Both Nate Chatellier and Manny Trembley with Roxley Games delivered a wonderful experience  for both veterans and new gamers to the table. Their attention to detail and sparing no expense on the contents within the box makes this one of the best values out there in  the game-o-sphere.

This is best represented by the vibrant art work of Gaven Brown and Manny Trembley and the quality of the containers all the elements come in. Even the character system  designed to fit into the box is solid and each character easily identified. For those over 40, it certainly wasn’t designed by John Dewey of the Dewey decimal system. This baby definitely takes up some shelf space but as the famous Norm from the TV Show  CHEERS put it: “Sam: Norm, you got room for a beer? Norm: NO…. But I’m willing to add on! “ So will you when you start rolling dice and experience all that is Dice Throne  by Roxley Games.

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