2022 Quest Calendar 📅 An Adventure-a-Day RPG Kickstarter Spotlight


2022 Quest Calendar 📅 An Adventure-a-Day RPG
Publisher:  Sundial Games llc
Designer: Thomas Bedran
Number of Players: 1
Time: 1-3 minutes daily*

* Role play 6 days a week without a GM! Weekends are combined.

Be on the lookout for both a Physical and Digital review of 2021’s Calendar!

A role playing calendar taking you on a journey with a quest-a-day in 2022.

The 2022 Quest Calendar is a single-player game that takes place on a page-a-day style calendar. Play a couple minutes each day* over the year and get your daily fix of dice-rolling fantasy fun in this role playing game.  The calendar features a story-driven adventure that will be told day by day with plenty of quests, loot items, characters, and combat. As the story unfolds, how will your decisions over the year shape your character? 

Get the 2022 Quest Calendar with fun accessories to make playing every day more fun. We LOVE rpg accessories (maybe a bit obsessed) and want to make some of our favorites available to you at prices you can’t get elsewhere.

Most RPGs can be difficult to learn for a beginner. The Quest Calendar is very light on rules. Get the current rules used for the 2021 Quest Calendar. If you aren’t already playing the 2021 Quest Calendar, try a sample play and buy it here.

2022 Quest Calendar will be live on KICKSTARTER until Tue, March 30 2021 10:59 PM PDT, and has surpassed it’s funding goal of $9,000.
Find out more at HERE


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