Interview: with David Turczi

Interview: with David Turczi

Most Recent Game: Excavation: Earth
Designer’s:  Gordon Calleja, Dávid Turczi, Wai Yee
Artists: Philipp Kruse 
Publisher: Mighty Boards
Year Published: 2020

No. of Players: 1–4 Players
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30-120minutes

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If you could please provide us with a brief description of yourself:
Hi, I’m David Turczi, I’m originally from Hungary, I live in the Netherlands, and I’m a full-time game designer, developer, and board game addict.

How did you get into playing Tabletop Board Games?
Plays of Battlestar Galactica in my university years led to weekly game nights of Eclipse and Ankh Morpork, those lead to a trip to Essen, that lead to my collection exploding, that lead to needing to find more people to play games with.

What’s your current favorite game?
Ummmmm Mage Knight? Tash Kalar? Glory to Rome? Trickerion? Concordia? Roll for the Galaxy? Brass Birmingham? Caylus 1303?
I can’t choose 🙂

What are you most looking forward to playing?
My girlfriend has a copy of Mage Knight Ultimate Edition, but since I’ve moved in we haven’t had a chance to put it on the table, so I’m counting the days towards that. But there is a barely punched Barrage on the shelf also looking at me offendedly.

Why do you feel games are important?
They bring people together – they provide a common interest for all sorts of people all around the world. These days about a 100% of my friends are ones I’ve met during gaming. I met my ex-wife and my current girlfriend while playing board games (not the same game 😀 ) 

Why did you start designing games?
A friend of mine, Mihaly Vincze came up with the idea for the game that turned into [redacted], which lead to meeting other likeminded people – like the founders of Mindclash. Once we got through Anachrony together and I got the taste for it, there was no looking back. These days I say I do it because it’s my job and I love being good at my job.

What can you tell us about your latest game?
My next game hitting Kickstarter is Excavation Earth – it is coming on April 6th, from Mighty Boards. It’s a medium-heavy market manipulation/set collection game where you have to draft multi-use cards and they spend them on actions collecting artifacts or convincing buyers to prefer the type you’ve collected — but the cool part? The artifacts are remnants of the extinct humanity, and the players are intergalactic treasure hunters!

Why should they back it on Kickstarter?
Because without the support of our backers, games like this wouldn’t exist. In return, we’ll be unlocking extra content, adding a solo mode, providing early access to additional gameplay content, and many more.

What’s next for you?
After this, my next game will be Defence of Procyon III (KS: April 21st), a 2v2 ameritrash-wargame with a mind of a euro card game, where one team has to defend a human colony against an alien invasion – that the other team leads; followed by the new Mindclash epic: Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles in the summer.

How can they follow you online?
I’m on BGG (TDaver), easily taggable on most large board gaming Facebook groups, and occasionally even respond on Reddit as u/DavidTurczi 🙂

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