Your Family Rocks Kickstarter Preview

Quick Look:

Designer: Nuno Sousa
Artist: Duarte Loureneco
Publisher: Self Published
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 3-6
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 30-90 minutes

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WARNING: This is a preview of YOUR FAMILY ROCKS. All components and rules are prototype and subject to change.


Your Family Rocks is a unique game in that it is both original and capitalizes on your own family experiences. The game is purchased and created based on family photos that you supply to the game publisher. Instead of placing these photos on a Monopoly board or on a set of playing cards, they are converted into a game of memories for your family.

The 8 Game Modules

When setting up the game, the length can be customized to suit the time frame that you have to play in. Once you determine how long you have to play, you set out 2-5 of the game modules (there are 8 total modules in the prototype). Place the Family Members (People Meeples), Family Values (Crest Meeples), Family Rules (Book Meeples), and Family Objects (Round Meeples) into the bag for random selection later. Also, each player sets up a screen provided in the game. Place the modules you select on the table and add a number of random meeples near each module. (We used 5 meeples at each module for three players.) You are ready to start the game.

Game Setup

Each module has a little game that involves the family pictures and sometimes memories. These games award Family Time (represented by the cubes). After completion of the little game, players bid family time to acquire the Family Members, Family Values, Family Rules, and Family Objects associated with that module. These are awarded based on bids and also placed behind your screen. Family Time can also be saved for later modules.

Instructions for the “Guess What” module

After playing the modules selected, you then add up your points: Family Members are worth 8 points, Family Values are worth 6 points, Family Rules are worth 5 points, and Family Objects are worth 3 points. Ties are broken with leftover Family Time.

Now that we have an idea of what the game is about, let’s look at it closer. The game provided to me is a prototype, so I’m not going to really discuss the quality except to say that the photo cards are pretty nice quality. I wish I could have sent in pictures of my family to comment on the process, but I’m sure that would not have worked in the timeframe of this review effort.

Family Photo Cards

Setup is pretty easy and the rules are straightforward. The rulebook is well written and ready for a Kickstarter campaign. The Modules have clear instructions and good examples of what they want you to do as well. For where this game is in the production timeline, I think the rules and instructions are well done.

I think this game would be greatly enhanced by playing with pictures that I recognize and love. The theme for this game is pretty neat considering the concept of incorporating the personal touch. The modules can be selected to make the game more or less personal as well.

The gameplay is clean and changes as you move through the modules. The bidding portion is a little clunky, but does give you something to play for and does move you quickly back into the next module.

I usually comment on the artwork, but I think a majority of what you will look at during the game will be images that you supply. The other images and graphics that will be included aren’t exactly my style, but my family seems to like them, so obviously I am wrong on this 🙂 .

The Good:
Great game for incorporating the personal touch. I think this is a great idea for a gift and holds its own as a game. I would love to see what fun this offers when the pictures are funny memories along with the other memories that the different modules encourage you to have.

The Bad:
I don’t know that there is too much bad. I will use this section to make a couple of suggestions to accomplish through the Kickstarter. I’d like to see better components (particularly the box and meeples). I would also like to see some components added to the game to add variety to the experience.

Final Thoughts:
I will likely purchase this game as a gift for those I love. It is easy enough, deep enough, and varied enough to keep anyone involved. It is a good combination to help get your whole family involved.

Players Who Like:
I think you will like this game if you like involved group games like Apples to Apples or Wits and Wagers.


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