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When I was approached by Matthew from the Easy Roller Dice Company to do a review of some of their products I was concerned I wouldn’t know what to say. It’s just dice right? Well I soon found out that not all dice are created equal.

More About the Easy Roller Dice Company:

From the “About” page on the Easy Roller Dice Co. web page:
“Easy Roller Dice Co. is made up of table top gamers and educators. We create awesome products for gamers, teachers and other professions.

We’re constantly looking to increase our collection with things that are awesome and fun.

Some of us here started gaming in the late 80’s and early 90’s playing D&D 2nd Edition though we’ve played other editions and even jumped all the way back into 1e.

We love table top gaming, a good beer and getting together as much as possible on gaming night.”


I was sent three different products and will review each separately below.

Dice cup with five d6 dice.

First up was the Professional Dice Cup with Black Leatherette Exterior and Blue Velvet Interior which also came with five d6 (or six sided dice in case you aren’t nerdy enough).

To be honest I haven’t used a dice cup since I last played Yahtzee which might have been five or so years ago with my kids. That being said this dice cup is heads and shoulders above the standard Yahtzee cup. The cup is solid with a leather exterior wrap and felt interior which not only looks good but feels fantastic. The foil stamped company logo on the front of the cup is an awesome accent.

Dice cup with leather wrap and felt interior.

The five free d6 dice that came with the cup leave a little to be desired. Along with them being super light weight some of the pip painting is a little sloppy and some of the edges are marred.

Dice bag with 3 sets of polyhedral dice.

Next up is the Small Dice Bag which also came with three sets of 7 Piece Polyhedral Dice in Blue Frost, Black Marbled, and Ivory Opaque. I couldn’t find an exact match in their standard products but it was close to this 3 Pack of Polyhedral Dice Sets – Including Fireball, Black Ice, and Quartz Dice along with a Free Small Dice Bag.

Black Marbled polyhedral dice.

I was super excited to see this product as I use polyhedral dice all the time for different game designs I am working on. My last set of dice came from EAI Education and I wasn’t super impressed. Although the weight of the EAI dice were good they seemed cartoonish and mass produced. The lighter Easy Roller Dice Co. polyhedral dice are well made and beautiful. Not only is the coloring unique I scanned through all the dice and could not find any flaws. Did I mention there are tons of colors to choose from?!

Copper Polyhedral Dice.

Finally the pièce de résistance is the 7 Piece Copper Polyhedral Dice Set with display case (which could double as a very small dice tray).

Copper Polyhedral dice in lid (AKA small dice tray).

Wow, I never thought I wanted metal dice until now. It is so hard to convey how cool these dice are through just words so I will have the pictures do the talking too.

Not only are they stunning but they are also super heavy, which I love! A warning for all you gamers: don’t use these dice on your wood-top table unless you like character marks. I am not sure when or where I will use these but when I do watch out!

Denting my table with these beauties.

The Good:
High quality products at good prices and from what I have seen through my communications with Matthew they also have wonderful customer service. You can tell these guys love what they do.

The Bad:
My only knock on anything I received was the quality of the five d6 dice, other than that everything was flawless.

Final Thoughts:
This experience has been kind of like driving a Lamborghini, once you do you never want to go back to driving your Mazda 3. Thanks Easy Roller Dice Company for making me a dice snob!

Really though these guys are great and have awesome products. Everything from dice, dice trays and cups to display cases; they have it all.

I am giving Easy Roller Dice 9 out of 10 super meeples.

9 10

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