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About Top That Toast:

Artist: Random Embassy
Publisher: Self Published
No. of Players: 3 – 20
Ages: 18 and up
Playing Time: 30 minutes

From BGG:
“The party game Top That Toast consists of two decks of cards: 50 Tone Cards and 200 Topic Cards. All players begin the game by drawing 5 Topic Cards. The oldest player in the group begins as the “Facilitoaster.”

The Facilitoaster begins the round by drawing a Tone Card, which determines the tone or style of the toast (some examples include “Humor,” “Sincere,” “Tearjerker,” and “Roast”). All other players respond by submitting a Topic Card, face-down on the table. The Facilitoaster then reads the Topic Cards aloud and chooses the Topic Card that, in his or her opinion, best matches the Tone Card and deserves to be toasted. The player who submitted that Topic Card then delivers a toast and thereby wins a Tone Card for that round.

There are additional competitive aspects of the game. In the event that 2 or more of the same Topic Card is submitted in a round, the Facilitoaster has the option to call for a Toast Off, where the players who submitted the same Topic Card each give a toast. The Facilitoaster will award the Tone Card to the player who gave the best toast.

When the Top That Toast Tone Card is drawn, each player will give a toast based on the Topic Card that is selected by the Facilitoaster. Once all toasts are completed, the Facilitoaster chooses which player is awarded the Tone Card.

After each round, the role of the Facilitoaster rotates around the table. Once a player has won a pre-determined number of Tone Cards, that player wins the game!”

Each player draws five Topic Cards, and the oldest player in the group begins as the Facilitoaster.

The Facilitoaster draws a Tone Card which determines the style and tone of the toast that is to be given.

From the Topic Cards in hand, the other players select the card they think is the best match for the Tone Card drawn by the Facilitoaster. When the Facilitoaster picks a particular Topic Card, that player wins the round and the chance to deliver the toast!

After the round, the discarded Topic Cards are placed at the bottom of the deck. Everyone draws a new Topic Card, and the next player becomes the Facilitoaster.

Check out the Official game Rules Sheet for more info and details on Special Tone cards.

Find out more about Top That Toast on BoardGameGeek.com and on their website.

Get your copy of Top That Toast on Amazon!


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