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Fifteen 2, fifteen 4, and there ain’t no more! I remember being so confused at what was going on at the table when my dad and grandpa were playing some card game. Of course, I eventually got old enough to learn the game of cribbage and enjoyed plenty of evenings sharing stories and snacks. Games have really been a part of my life all along; whether it was to escape the heat of the afternoon in the middle east in the 70’s, making up a game about George Washington crossing the Delaware when I forgot to do a written report, or mashing up Yahtzee and Poker to see what would happen. I’ve lived around the world growing up, served military and religious missions, and ended up as an It professional in the South. I have run successful Kickstarter campaigns, organized mega-meetups and game conventions, and learned an awful lot along the way. Really, when I am reviewing a game, it is going to be as much about the kind of experience it is providing more than anything. In fact, for more involved games, I still like there to be at least maybe 20% luck or randomness so that winning or losing isn’t entirely my fault, lol. Ironically, I like abstract strategy games too; I think it is because I like to see what strategies and tactics emerge from the usually simple ruleset as you learn the game. So, as I provide overviews, unboxings, and playthroughs they will reflect my interests and tastes and that is probably the most helpful thing I can do. As there are more reviews from me you will know if you have similar views and that can help you find games you will enjoy or know who would when it is time for gift hunting. Onward!

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