PickUp: Fast-paced Basketball Card Game Kickstarter Preview

  Quick Look: GAME NAME… Designer:  Ian Allen, Glenn CochonArtists:  Ivan ZigaranPublisher: GamefloYear Published: Currently a Kickstart campaign, expected to deliver this year No. of Players: 2 Ages: 10+ Playing Time: Average of 30 minutes.  Find more info on Kickstarter.com   From the… View Post

Stringamajig Review

      Quick Look: Stringamajig Designer: Romain Caterdjian Publisher: Fireside Games Year Published: 2020 No. of Players: 4-10 Ages: 13+ Playing Time: 20 minutes (Unless you’re just having way too much fun!)   Find more info on BoardGameGeek.com     From… View Post

Assault – Red Horizon 41 Kickstarter Preview

Quick Look: Assault – Red Horizon 41 Designer: Wolfgang KleinArtist: Ingrid St.Publisher: Assault Games Year Published: 2021 No. of Players: 2 Ages: 14+ Playing Time: 120 minutes Find more info on BoardGameGeek.com   From the Publisher:Review:Overview: is the first volume in a… View Post

It’s Contagious!™ Kickstarter Preview

  Quick Look: It’s Contagious!™ it’s only on Kickstarter for 16 more hours until Thu, December 10 2020 4:22 PM PST. Designers:  Lola Pickett, Tigre PickettArtists: Sarai SánchezPublisher: The Menagerie Collective LLCYear Published: 2020 No. of Players: 2-6 Ages: 7+ Playing… View Post

Rescuing Robin Hood Kickstarter Preview

  Quick Look: Rescuing Robin Hood Designer: Bryce BrownPublisher: Castillo Games Year Published: 2021 No. of Players: 1-5 Ages: 10+ Playing Time: 30-60 Minutes Find more info on BoardGameGeek.com   Review:  Mix it up with a different kind of deck… View Post