Healer’s Dice: Rainbow Edition by Arcanist’s Armory Kickstarter Spotlight

Never Miss Everything Board Game posts again! Get them in your inbox: Subscribe Healer’s Dice: Rainbow Edition Publisher: Arcanist’s Armory Designer: Sharik Peck Dice Find on KICKSTARTER HERE. Healer’s Dice’s Kickstarter has already fully funded 3 resin colors and… View Post

Healer’s Dice Rainbow Edition Pre-Kickstarter Spotlight

  Arcanist’s Armory is excited to announce our newest Kickstarter project Healer’s Dice Rainbow Edition!  In this potion bottle, you can see just a few of the color options we are looking to unlock and… View Post

Fireball Dice from the Arcanist’s Armory Kickstarter Spotlight

  Fireball Dice from the Arcanist’s Armory Publisher: Arcanist’s Armory Designer: Steven Collins Find on KICKSTARTER HERE.  Fireball is an iconic DnD spell, and with these custom dice created by Steven Collins with a twin tailed fireball on each… View Post

Arcanist’s Armory Giveaway!

  Arcanist’s Armory Giveaway!    Enter to win below. I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with The Arcanist’s Armory LLC , creator of the new Fireball Dice from the Arcanist’s Armory which is live on Kickstarter.  Arcanist’s… View Post