Strengthening our Defenses: A Quick Review of Castles Card Game

Quick Look: Castles Card Game Designers: Castles Card Game, LLC  Artist: N/A Publisher: Independent/Castles Card Game, LLC  Year Published: 2019 No. of Players: 3-4 per deck (plays best with 6-8) Ages: 9+ Playing Time: 5-50…

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Making the Most of Your Opportunities – A Review

Quick Look: Opportunities Designer: Sieg Taylor Artist: MJS Creations  Publisher: Let’s Get Rich Together, LLC Year Published: 2019 No. of Players: 2-8 Ages: 18+ Playing Time: 90 min.+ From the publisher: The Opportunities Game is…

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Camp Out

Quick Look: Camp Out Designer: Gary Lundstrom Artist: Gary Lundstrom Publisher: Great Lake Design Year Published: 2020 No. of Players: 2-6 Ages: 8+ Playing Time: 15-45 min. From the publisher: Camp Out Is a camping…

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