Dino Dude Ranch Giveaway including the Deluxe Velociraptor Expansion

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About Dino Dude Ranch:
Designer: Dan Letzring
Artist: Derek Bacon, Michael Cofer and Jesse Labbe
Publisher: Letiman Games
No. of Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 8 and up
Playing Time: 20 – 40 minutes

From BGG:
“You are a rancher whose specialty is wranglin’ dinosaurs! Head on over to the Jurassic Hunting Grounds to capture dinosaurs for your ranch by luring them with their favorite foods. Watch out for tar pits spreading on your precious land, reducing the number of dinosaurs that can live on your ranch.

Fill your ranch with the most valuable dinosaurs to become the top rancher and win!

In Dino Dude Ranch, players roll custom dice each turn in order to collect resources used to capture dinosaurs from the Jurassic Hunting Grounds. After dinosaurs are captured from the hunting grounds, new dinosaurs are randomly selected to replace them. Players continue to collect resources and purchase dinosaurs until all of the dinosaurs have been captured from the Jurassic Hunting Grounds or until one rancher has completely filled their ranch. Players’ ranches will be filled faster if they roll tar pits during resource collection. These tar pits not only take up precious space that could be used for housing dinosaurs but they are also worth negative points at the end of the game.

Players may also choose to purchase cards, which can be used to produce more resources, collect free dinosaurs, and add or remove tar pits from ranches.

This easy to learn game is a fantastic introduction to set collection/resource management games and is designed to be engaging for families, gamers, and non-gamers alike.”

Velociraptor Expansion:

The Deluxe Velociraptor Expansion adds Velociraptors to Dino Dude Ranch, which brings a new scoring mechanic.

The deluxe expansion also upgrades the food resource pieces from punchboard tokens to custom cut wooden tokens.

Bower’s Game Corner: Dino Dude Ranch Review:

What they are saying:
I can see this being a huge hit with families and on casual game nights.”
Nicholas Yu, Zucchini People Games (Hero Brigades 1&2, Eternal Dynasty)

Just enough strategy to keep adults interested, without creating a huge disadvantage for the kids at the table.”
Matt Holden, Indie Game Alliance 

This game is exceptionally fun and easy to pick up. Although it seems like it would be geared towards kids specifically, it is a great game for all ages. I’m 27 and got a chance to test the game. The concept alone sounded really cool. When I got to play the game, I was pleasantly surprised. It was thoroughly enjoyable and kept me coming back for more.”
BGG User ShinsengumiRonin

If you are looking for family game, birthday present for a family member, love Dino art (which is fantastic in this game), or a light filler game for a party… BACK THIS GAME. Mark my words my gamer friends: if you want your children/cousins/nephews and nieces to get excited about table top games get this fun and cute game. They will love it!!!”
BGG User Denielle 

I have played this game with a few groups of my adult friends and we have all had a great time. The theme is light and fun and the artwork and design fits perfectly.”
Playtester Tim S. 

Just play tested Dino Dude Ranch this weekend. It was a lot of fun! My kids (age 13, 10, and 8) all loved it and wanted to keep it. We can’t wait until it comes out so we can buy it.”
Playtester Mike G.

Find out more about Dino Dude Ranch on BoardGameGeek.com and at Letiman Games.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this great game please visit our online market – HERE!

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