Cozy Juicy Real Kickstarter Review

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Quick Look: Cozy Juicy Real

Publisher: Self-Published
Year Published: (Currently on Kickstarter, link at the bottom of this review)

No. of Players: 3-8
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 60-120 minutes.
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From the Publisher:

Truly connect in a game that delivers thought-provoking questions, playful mechanics, and tons of serotonin.
The aim of the game is to get to know each other and you’ll do this through questions, challenges and activities.

So why is it called Cozy Juicy Real??

Cozy cards are light, fun questions that give others a peek into your world and the little things that brighten up your daily life.

Juicy cards get you exploring the universal human experiences that connect us all.

Real cards challenge you to get more vulnerable with thought-provoking questions that shine light on your beliefs and values.

And to shake things up there’s also…

Random cards with challenges and activities that spice up the experience.

Lighting cards with ridiculous guessing games that you play just once before you finish.

WARNING: May lead to stronger friendships, feelings of belonging and fits of laughter.


Disclaimer: The publisher provided the prototype copy of  Cozy Juicy Real. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.



Cozy Juicy Real would be a party game for a few people but as the author states, themselves it is “a game with a very ungame-like purpose”.

In cozy Juicy Real, “player” will need to answer questions about themselves and let it out.  Winning is more of a side effect than a real purpose here.  Therefore, I’d start by saying that “playing” Cozy juicy real felt more like a social experiment or like therapy than a typical game.

Cozy Juicy Real as such

Each  player on their turn will draw a card from 1 of 3 decks:

  • The Cozy deck contains simpler questions about yourself like “what super power would you like to have and why?”  These questions could be used for a speed dating. Those are worth 30 points
  • The Juicy deck contains questions that are going a little bit more in the detail of past events, like secrets or just things people who know you might not know about you.  Those are worth 40 points.
  • The Real deck contains questions that go deeper in your Real dreams or past life that people certainly do not know and/or would not dare asking. Those are worth 50 points.

You go on for about 5 turns each before someone reaches the final square of the board.  Everyone is then asked a multiple choice question about the person what the person sitting next to him or her would do in a peculiar situation.  Those are worth 60 points.

While people are busy explaining their stories, you are expected to interact by sending them “virtual” High fives, hugs or ask follow up questions.  This is done by giving them cards that when given are worth points and when held are worth negative points.

Well that is it for the gaming part.

However, as literally written on the lid, cozy Juicy real is a game with a very ungame-like purpose.

Is it a game ?

This being said, one might ask but is it a real party game then? Can we expect having fun and giggles while playing that game? Well, to be honest, I would say no.  Not that cozy Juicy Real is a bad experience but it is not funny to play.  If used with the right people (more on that later) Cozy Juicy Real is to board game what stargazing drunk is to night clubbing.  I would not say it is bad, but the words “fun” or “giggles” hardly relate to those situations.

Team Building activity

After I played a few games with my wife and close friends, I went on looked up the marketing that was done around the game and found out that it was marketed as a Team Building game.  I was astonished because I am doubly biased.  First off, as a Western Europe Manager, I would never ever recommend or consider playing this with my employees.  Although the rules say, “what is said in the game stays in the game” people tend not to keep those kind of promises, especially to colleagues that they might barely know.  I’m not even certain I could overcome everything that could be said, imagine that as a man of Science you discover during a team building game that one of your employees that is completely honest is actually a flat-earther or that he did something illegal at work, can you un-hear/unsee that ?  I could not.  And if people would rather lie, then the experiment in itself as no sense at all.

On the other hand, this might be the manager biased (so lonely is the top), playing cozy Juicy Real with colleagues I like could help turning those colleagues into friends. 

I said I was doubly biased, I’m from western Europe and From Somewhere starting in the middle of France up to (and certainly including) Northern Europe, we might have an introvert culture on who we really are (even extravert people barely talk about themselves).  Up to the point where such games can only be considered with your really close friends and family, and even though, while playing we felt like some questions should just be skipped.  To get a Finnish to say what his favorite color is you need to get him completely wasted and around 4 am he might tell you.

On the other hand, I got some Romanian accountants that I would see play that sort of game with one another or invite other people to play with them.

My point being, it must have to do with the culture and the amount of privacy you are expecting from your job.  I live in a world where my private life should stay out of my work and vice a versa but its not the case all around the world.


Well the game is mostly made of cards, and those are really neat, prototype cards are of good manufacture, easy to read and understand and the information on the card is displayed so that 10sec rule reading is sufficient to go on with the experiment.

The board is made out of fabric, which is smart and allow for a smaller Box.  The color pallet on both cards and board is quite comforting and helps with the social experiment aspects.

The authors even wanted the box to be smaller while not reducing the size of cards and are foreseeing a box inside the box to be able to take the question cards only with you.  It would then be played with a dice to identify, which questions you, need to answer, instead of the color of the square on the board.  That’s well thought of them for people that would like to play while commuting for example.


One last word

Although definitely not a game and not an experience I would recommend to my fellow western Europe managers, Cozy Juicy Real might help you focus your deep real late night discussions around the fire while instead of remaking the world you might want to explore yourselves in blunt cozy, juicy and real honesty.


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