Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria Video with Harry Jacobs

Never Miss Everything Board Game posts again! Get them in your inbox: Subscribe Today Harry of North of 60 Gaming takes a look at a fun Gateway or filler for any group. He loves the Valeria… View Post

Cthulhu A Deck Builder Solo Run Through

  Today Harry of @North of 60 Gaming does a play-through & review of Cthulhu A Deck Building Game is a fast game in which you build your deck and try to fight of the… View Post

Excavation Earth Unboxing Video

Quick Look: Excavation Earth Designers:  Gordon Calleja, Dávid Turczi, Wai YeeArtists: Philipp Kruse Publisher: Mighty BoardsYear Published: 2021 No. of Players: 1-4 Ages: 14+ Playing Time: 30 minutes per player = 30-120 minutes Find more info on     Check out Excavation… View Post

The Umbrella Academy Game Kickstarter Preview and How to Play Video.

  Quick Look: The Umbrella Academy  GameDesigner: Scott Dean Publisher: Studio 71Year Published: 2020No. of Players:1-6 Ages: 12+ Playtime: 20-40 minutes Find more info on HERE! How To Play and Review: BACK The Umbrella Academy Game on Kickstarter before Fri, September 4… View Post

StrikeZone Video Kickstarter Spotlight

StrikeZone Video Kickstarter Spotlight StrikeZone: Tabletop Baseball from Koolbots live on Kickstarter until May 28th, 2020 @ 3:30pm.  Find on KICKSTARTER!  Currently funded 4x their funding goal! Check them out today!  Pitch, Swing, and Hit… View Post