Coalitions podcast interview

 My sit down with Interview with Andrew Rourke to chat about Coalitions which is LIVE on Kickstarter through Wed, July 14 2021 11:00 AM PDT. Follow Phalanx Games HERE. You can keep up with Andrew… View Post

Designer of Beyond the Rift Interview

  In today’s 20 minute podcast episode I sat down with Interview with Nikolas is DEVELOPER of Maeshowe and DESIGNER of Beyond the Rift. Beyond the Rift which is coming to Kickstarter on 19th July. LISTEN NOW! View Post

Silver Coin : Age of Monster Hunters Interview

   So, I just wanted to take the time to first introduce ourselves. I am, of course, Jazz Paladin from , and today we are here to talk about the minds behind an up-and-coming… View Post

Maeshowe: an Orkney Saga Designer Interview!

  In today’s interview I sat down with Interview with Nikolas Patrakka to chat about Maeshowe an Orkney Saga & Beyond the Rift which is coming to Kickstarter really soon! At the 16:55 mark we… View Post

Factions: Battlegrounds Podcast Interview

  Factions: Battlegrounds Podcast Interview Have you listened to my latest podcast interview with Peter? It’s all about his new game Factions: Battlegrounds that’s live on Kickstarter Thu, December 10 2020 5:45 AM PST. We’re now live… View Post