Hexagram Review

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Review: Hexagram

Designer: Motti Dillibon

Publisher: Square the Circle Games
Year Published: 2023

No. of Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 10 minutes (I’d say 10-30)  minutes.
Find more info HERE.
I received a copy of this game from the publisher for review. At the time of this review, it has a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign with a modest conclusion of around 4200 USD. Even though the campaign itself wasn’t as large as it could have been, I spotted several items that might prevent backers to withdraw or pass it over (Spelling and grammar errors for a word game, low coverage, high cost+shipping, low followers prelaunch, etc.). What I mean by that is I don’t feel it was the game itself that got the lack of support during the crowdfunding campaign, and people interested in word games should still give it a consideration.
From the Publisher:
“It’s quick to learn and quick to play, with adjustable end goals; play for 10 minutes or for several hours; whatever sounds fun for you. HexaGram® is built for cheerful competitive” (copied from KS page)
Disclaimer: The publisher provided the copy of Hexagram. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own. 


Initial Impression/Components:

The package and tiles were a good quality. I expect that this is where a lot of their initial cost was during production and sale. As a fellow designer, freelancer, and consultant for many other board game projects, I feel this is where they both succeeded and failed. They succeeded by making a quality product. They failed by not making a higher funding goal, getting a better cost-per-unit, and securing a shipping agent. The package is small and relatively lightweight containing all plastic components. It’s just a humble opinion but as a Canadian this game would have cost me 25 pounds + 12 pounds shipping for a total of $65 CAD. Word games are a niche of an already small demographic (KS+board games) and as a backer (50+ projects), I would not be able to justify that cost for the game.


The aspect of being able to relocate an already placed tile completely opens up and changes the gameplay. That was an interesting twist.
Least Favorite:
I found at some points there were so many options available to me I got caught in the all-famous analysis paralysis. I’m a veteran gamer, and one that’s very conscious of taking short turns and thinking ahead to avoid downtime for other players. That said, for whatever reason there were times that there was simply too much I was trying to process at once. The rules themselves are incredibly simple, but the MIN-MAX’ers of the world may have a hard time with choosing a word to go with when you can make so many!
– Tile Placement
The game is centered around playing or moving one tile and creating a word each turn. Their full rules are shown on their website, https://squarethecircle.games/hexagram

Areas they did well:
– portability
– short rules
– product quality
– stacking hex tiles
– ability to move a letter instead of play a letter
Areas they could have improved:
– cost point (not a direct game critism)
– marketing (also not a direct game critism)
– possibly marked vowels on the back of the tiles to assist in blind picking when the board is lacking options
Interesting moment:
I played this during a game night at my favorite game shop, with some friends, one of which, Dan, is a natural at word games.
A long story short, he made a huge word that wrapped around the whole board and it was super impressive. I believe I managed to tie one game, but outside of that, he crushed the rest of us!
This game adds an extra layer to the typically approach to word games. It’s got a bit of a Boggle + Upwords feel but has enough of a variance with the hex tiles and movability that it stands on its own.
Final Thoughts:
Word games don’t corner a huge sector of the market, but there are no shortage of them either, so they must have a reasonably sized audience. The game felt finished, flowed easily and could be a potential grab for those wordsmiths out there. That said, I have not checked where this is available and how much it costs, but I really can’t suggest this if the price point is near $65 CAD. I’d consider $30 for it, maybe $35. Looking at it from USD, $20-25. I do hope they address their price point (and may have already), as it’s an alright game but they won’t be able to move any volume.
I’ll see you next time, back here at The Game Table,
Brad Hiscock, aka Zerility
Here’s a link to the game on their website:
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Brad Hiscock, aka “Zerility”, is a construction project manager and electrician by trade who was the owner of a 6-time award winning electrical company. His passion for board games has led him from playing hundreds of original titles to creating a design and publishing company of his own, Convivial Games. As an up and coming collaborator on many projects, he is always eager to try new games and meet new people.

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