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Branch Riders Tabletop Role Playing Game
Publisher: The Bodhana Group
Role Playing Game
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Join the Branch Riders, the new exciting RPGF from The Bodhana Group and Onyx Path Publishing, Kickstarting until July 11th!

Eight distinct realms branch out from your new home, the Nexus; separated and kept from one another to contain a malevolent force known as the Blight.  Bent on sowing chaos and disorder, the only thing that stands between the people of the realms and the power of the Blight is you, the Branch Riders!  Armed with your training, your passion and special gifts you bring from your home realm, you must pursue your mission carefully as the realms do not know of each other, the Blight, or the existence of Branch Riders.  Protecting them becomes a game of battle and subterfuge, foiling the Blight and then returning to the Nexus to debrief and recover.


Branch Riders is easy to learn and fun to play, encouraging creative problem-solving as well as tactical decision-making and rich storytelling central to the mechanics. Dice-rolls always move the story forward, and condition cards track the consequences of your actions. The Branch Riders will have to use every ability at their disposal to overcome the Blight!


Branch Riders offers a quick easy progress to creating your character.  Choose your home realm, assign dice to your five Approaches, rate your skills, choose your Gift and write your Purpose. That’s all you need to start exploring the realms. Characters can be made in under 15 minutes – ready to ride!  Our simple three die pool system keeps play quick and easy.

What makes Branch Riders different?

  • Attributes called Approaches – represents what strategy you are using to solve the challenge before you.  Choose from Creative, Forceful, Knowledgeable, Observant, or Social – depending on which one best fits the situation.

  • Cards to track conditions which use simple language to reflect physical, emotional, or social consequences in-game. The cards are color-coded for a visible reminder of how your party is doing at a glance. We also use cards to track edges – advantages that the characters gain by strengthening each other and being prepared.

  • The Exposure Tracker on the table is something the characters have in-world, letting them know how much danger they are in and ratcheting up the tension as the characters’ choices bring consequences.

  • Each Gift provides four flexible abilities – the more powerful an ability you choose, the greater the risk.



  • A mix of old school and new school: you can use your approaches, skills and gifts creatively, and every dice roll moves the story forward, or you can make clever use of your equipment and avoid rolling dice at all.

  • GMing is easy compared to many other games – just present the characters with challenges and the players roll all the dice. The GM only needs to track a few numbers at any given time.

  • Each character has a Purpose the player chooses, and they can call on that Purpose once per session to automatically succeed at a task. When it matters most to the player and the story, the dice won’t get in your way.


 Branch Riders Tabletop Role Playing Game will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, July 11 2024 11:00 AM PDT, and has surpassed its funding goal of $5,000.
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