The dungeon crawler you must play.

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Odalin: Dungeons of Doom
Publisher: Dragori Games
Designer: Michael Alves
Number of Players: 1-4
Ages: 16+
Time: 90-120 minutes.
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The dungeon crawler you must play.

Odalin combines innovative and exciting mechanics with beloved classic feelings. Explore the dungeons and fight your way in unpredictable rooms, with very unique situations and challenges.
If you don’t receive the game after 5 months of the estimated date, you can request 100% of your money back.
What makes Odalin special?
1 – Temporarily transform into a large demon!
With the exciting mechanics of Soul/Corruption, you will be able to become an aspect of the demon you made a pact for a full round! 
2 – Open the mystery box and be ready for anything!
In a cinematic story, you will have many tough decisions with important consequences. Find many mysteries inside the dungeons, some very unusual and unique. 
3. Engage in Dynamic Combat and a refined loot system
Our combat system is both fast-paced and strategic. Create devastating combos, utilize your environment, and optimize your transformations to overcome foes. Draw loot cards from hundreds of items, including legendary and set collections.— every battle promises great rewards.
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