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Publisher: Mystery Dice Goblin
Dice Sets 

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From the Publisher:
Looking for a fun and exciting way to add a little mystery and surprise to your life? Look no further than our Mystery DnD Dice Bags!
Disclaimer: The publisher provided the of Mystery DnD Dice Bag. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.


Can gamers ever have enough dice? Most decidedly not, especially if you are big into RPGs.

A bundle of dice from a UK based company has aimed to bring a little bit of mystery into your next acquisition of polyhedral randomizers. Because we can all use a bit of adventure in our life, right?

The company is Mystery Dice Goblin, and they were kind enough to send me a few samples of their titular  Mystery Dice Bags for review. 


Now one may easily wonder what the big deal is about dice. 


I mean, after all (assuming that all dice are created equally and are properly balanced), won’t a plain do just as well as a more elaborate one? 


Well, yes, but that isn’t the point…


I suppose if I were feeling “cheap” about it, I could just pull out all of the white d6’s from various Monopoly games when needed for some games, or just buy the most affordable plain dice out there when needed. But, really, once I started getting into DnD a number of years ago, what dice set you use really becomes a matter of personal style, as you will likely be using these for a long time. Why not indulge in a little outside of the ordinary?


The Mystery Dice Bags come with a full set of RPG dice, ranging from D4’s to D20’s. All in all, each set is 7 dice. For the purposes of this evaluation, I was sent 3 bags, most likely to witness the potential range of variation contained if you were to buy multiple bags, as I suspected many of us would, because as is, I find the idea of a “Mystery Bag” a novel sort of gift for stocking stuffers or whatnot. Definitely something I would keep in mind whenever a special occasion arises for a gaming buddy or two…

And, all in all, I must say that my impressions overall at this point are a bit…mixed. In fact, perhaps just as mixed as the likely possible combinations of variations available within multiple Mystery Bags.

Now to be fair, everything obtained in these baggies of goodness will be of a “matching” set. Everything contained in a bag will be the same color and overall design, for example. It is only the variation between baggies that differs, and it can indeed be a wide arrange of designs from what I can tell. 

Comparisons to other dice I own were the first thing to pop into my mind as soon as opened one of the bags ; the resemblance I saw to a set of Chessex dice I got years ago was pretty uncanny for this particular set of dice. I put them side by side, and they really were indistinguishable from one another.

I even went as far as to weigh them on my kitchen scale, and they were even a 100% match in weight, down to the nearest 1/10 gram. 

Not bad…I could and would easily use these in place of the blue set I use on occasion, as I absolutely love the design on both of the sets, with the wavy blue color and prolific golden hue of the inset numbers.

The next two sets I obtained had a few issues, at least for my eyes. They were 100% functional of course, but one set was white with a bit of blotchy green on them for its decor. It wasn’t something I had seen before, and nor was it the most pleasing I have seen. I would most likely pass on using this pair, personally, but as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…



The last set definitely had a lot of instant allure to it, as I love anything translucent and crystalline. This one had an overall purple cast to it that wasn’t completely opaque, just like all of the crystals I grew up shopping for in New Mexico as a child. However, I did find that the numbers themselves were tad on the difficult side to read, due to their dark purple hue being too close to the actual color of the dice themselves. So while I could in theory find myself using the dice, I think that unless I was under a very well lit area, I might still opt to use the blue dice set just as a matter of visibility ; otherwise, I would find the blue set retired, as I really do love anything that resembles crystal…

Now would I still be likely to buy a set for a friend, given what I mentioned? Probably yes, as I am always looking for things like this. The results are not 100% guaranteed to be something that is a perfect match, but that is why one may opt to buy multiple sets…

I did some browsing around their website, and for the Mystery Dice bags, they do offer a nice bulk discount ; something that wasn’t available say for the Chessex dice I bought years ago. As is now, the price between Chessex and Mystery Dice is roughly equivalent, but there is quite a substantial savings available once you start buying multiple Mystery Dice bags, so that is something that would be much more pleasing to the pocket book were I in the market for more dice again.

All in all, my impressions of the Mystery Dice are that of hit and miss. But that is the nature of a product like this. Sometimes, I will get what I want from a Claw type vending machine, other times not, but that is the fun of it. It would be nice to know the full range of variation and possibilities contained within the lab machinery of Mystery Dice Goblin, because I could imagine one could obtain some true gems with all of this randomness, but for now I think the mystery will need to remain part of the fun.

End result : Definitely better than plain dice, but as noted, your results may vary tremendously!

Thanks again to Mystery Dice Goblin for the chance to review!

After reading Jazz’s review, if this sounds like a game for you at the time of this posting DND MYSTERY DICE are available for purchase. Check them out and get yours HERE.


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