Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest Review from Tal the Wolf Card Guy

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Quick Look: Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest

Designer: Edward Pulks

Publisher: Joyful Games
Year Published: 2023

No. of Players: 2-7
Ages: 14+   (I’d say 8+)
Playing Time: 5-20 minutes.
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From the Publisher:

Sphere of Life : Mythical Forest is a simple collection card game that will be enjoyed by the whole family.  The game foresees cards to build collections and trick your friends.

Disclaimer: The publisher provided the 1st edition copy of Spheres of Life. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own. Note: IMAGES within Tal The Wolf Card Guy and his High School Board Game Club’s reviews are taken from BGG, other reviewers and/or the publisher’s websites’ as it is against the privacy of the high school and the students to include them herein.



A solid option for a simple yet engaging card game! My playgroup was a little surprised by the length of the rules.  For a small box with only two decks of cards, we were not expecting the number of pages in the rule book.
The base mechanics (phases and turns) and goal of the game (having the most points at the end to win) are easy enough to understand and be taught to new players.  Even new “gamers” and players with little to no experience with board or card games will be able to pick the game up pretty quickly. If at least one person has previously played the game or at the least has a solid understanding of other board and card games in general.  I would recommend that the experienced gamer read the instructions first and then teach the game to others.  Cracking the box with the playgroup and cold reading the instructions aloud quickly caused some players to lose interest who just wanted to play the game and have a difficult time learning by either reading or having the instructions read to them.

Despite the instructions and hiccups of getting started, Spheres of life: Mythical forest has some solid positives!  First and foremost, the art and card quality.  The physical cards themselves are thicker and textured more like a deck of playing cards rather than traditional Trading Card Game (TCG) cards.This better quality is necessary for the amount of deck reshuffling during game play, but it was also noted in my playgroup that we were holding some nice quality cards.  The art, …wow.  Members of my playgroup have played several TCG games and every player commented on how the art on the cards of  Spheres of life: Mythical forest was outstanding and superior to the art used for cards games that have been around for decades.  We found images to be rich, have depth and be engaging.  There were several times during the game that we just stopped to voluntarily show each other cards from our hands because we felt we just had to share the appreciation for the art on the cards.  We all felt the hero cards were all immersive and the groups favorite animal cards were the Noble Butterfly and Woodpecker.  Some players said that they want to get the Orb of Winter card art as wallpaper for their electronic devices and hope that an animated version will be available as a screensaver.

I am actually considering buying a second personal copy of the game just so I can remove the Wolf cards to get graded and add to my collection of wolf cards! Another positive for the game is the play and replayability itself.  Once we got going, the game was fast paced and different on subsequent playthroughs.  There is also a fair amount of strategy involved as you try to not just put yourself in a winning position with the animals you collect, but also by discarding certain animals or blocking other players  from getting into a winning position.


Spheres of life: Mythical forest is a beautiful, fast paced game with enough depth and strategy to keep even very experienced gamers interested.  A good fantasy story card game easy for beginners to be taught and to provide a break from some ‘heavier’ board games.  We will definitely add this to our replay rotation!
After reading Tal the Wolf Card Guy and his High School Board Game Club’s review, if this sounds like a game for you at the time of this posting Spheres of Life: Mythical Forest is only $30. check it out and get yours HERE.



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Tal the Wolf Card Guy – Reviewer

Tal is a Student Success Specialist at a high school in Michigan.  He runs a very popular after school game club there.  Tal grew up playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (2nd Edition) and started playing Magic: The Gathering in 1995.  Tal has an eclectic taste in games.  He lists his current favorites as including Magic (he has a local tournament winning Werewolf and Token decks), Munchkin, Fluxx, Scrabble (he is VERY good at this Math game.  It is not a spelling game), Catan, and Pit.  He also likes social deduction games and heavier story driven games as well.  “Playing games is a universal language and a great way to connect with people.  Even if you are not ‘talking,’ you are still communicating and connecting.  Sometimes that is all people and students need!”  

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