Everything Board Games’ Top Ten for 2023


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Everything Board Games’ Top Ten for 2023
Reviewer’s: Jazz Paladin, Bogue, Thomas Shepherd, Steven Foster & E.V.
Games Mentioned: Keep Reading!

Jazz Paladin:

Overall top tens as of Dec 2023 (based largely on number of plays)

Some interesting changes for me. Uprising got a nice bump given how often we play! When looking strictly at the campaign modes between Dungeons of Infinity and Arena : The Contest (now including Tanares Adventures), I now give the edge to Dungeons of Infinity (will discuss this later in 2024), but if just judging Arena’s Campaign mode and it’s still excellent PvP mode, it would still be tied at #2. Our kids being older now allowed them to play Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure, and this truly excels as a family game, getting quite a bump up to #5 after not placing in our top 10 last year. Shadows of Brimstone is still a favorite, but fell a bit on my list, but once I get into their newer stuff that just released, this may change…

1 ) Uprising : Curse of the Last Emperor

2) Dungeons of Infinity

3) 4x Space games in my collection  (includes Twilight Imperium, The Silver River, Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, Nexum Galaxy)

4) Arena : The Contest  / Tanares Adventures

5) Overboss

6) Indonesia

7) Shadowrun : Crossfire 

8) Downforce

9) Mage Knight

10) Shadows of Brimstone

Honorable mention: A Touch of Evil: Dark Gothic, for being the only deck builder I could easily bring to Asia and enjoy (Draconis Invasion almost was able to be small enough to fit in our luggage, but I could only bring one…)

Best new game of 2023 

Ierusalem: Anno Domini. I Originally rated this an 8.2, but the more I play the more I like it, probably closer to an 8.5 due to the great balance and interaction.

Most Anticipated in 2024 :

Silver Coin : Age of Monster Hunters

Food Chain Magnate Deluxe Edition 


  1. Heroscape ( Renegade Games picked up the IP – The 3D tabletop immersion of the game tile system that allows for homebrew character design of new characters beyond the original game. It is a very easy entry for all players and offers some simple strategy with luck of the dice rolling. 
  2. Dice Throne Adventures (MARVEL DICE THRONE) – Same as above minus the 3D tabletop but in-depth character creation within very simple mechanics to play.
  3. Ultimate Rivals- Tournament based 1V1 game of dungeon dwelling lore battling it out to claim victory using basic attacks, evolved spells and items, and calling upon the ultimate deity to win. (My game)
  4. Gloomhaven – best dungeon crawler design in the industry not requiring a GM or DM.
  5. Star Wars: Destiny – Best combination of deck building, card use, and dice rolling combinations.
  6. Carcassonne – most entertaining casual game system on the market with expansions that actually enhance game play.
  7. Dune: Imperium – Best area control and worker placement system created around a very cool sci-fi theme.
  8. Terraforming Mars DICE GAME- Strongest strategy game with heavy demand on area control mechanics, economy of scale, and competitive play at a very advanced level NOW with DICE ROLLING!
  9. Castle Panic– The best game to introduce NEW gamers to the hobby that incorporates a little of all mechanics that a person would see in other games rolled into one COOP system that has you working together.
  10.  Tesseract: A cooperative play game that is all about dice manipulation to save the world.

(Honorable Mentions: Star Wars- X Wing, Coup, Small World, Sonar, and Betrayal at House on the Hill, Fire Fly: The Board Game)

Biggest Disappointment: Unmatched Adventures – Restoration Games = Felt like a couple of ideas put into play to create a coop version of the game. Does have one of the best produced Miniatures in a mass produced game.

Favorite new games : 



51st State ULTIMATE ED.


Thomas Shepherd:

Getting to like a game takes time, and plays. I don’t really have a top 10 game list that changes quickly, best I can do is 10 games that I will always play if they make it to the table.


Terraforming Mars

Brass: Birmingham

Castles of Burgundy

Great Western Trail


Power Grid

Puerto Rico



Code Names


 As for games that came out this year, here are some I enjoyed playing but haven’t made it to the always play list yet.



Great Western Trail: New Zealand

Scholars of the South Tigris



Nova Roma


As for games I’m looking forward to in 2024, I can only go off of my crowd funded deliveries, though most would probably list as 2023.


An Age Contrived


Deep Shelf

Merchants Cove: Master Craft

Stonespine Architects


Steven Foster:

  1. Heat
  2. Ierusalem
  3. Deliverance
  4. Apiary
  5. Cascadia
  6. Thunder Road
  7. Ark Nova
  8. Meek Heroes: Victory
  9. Flamecraft
  10. Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails

Most anticipated;

Bear Mountain Camping

Dungeon Kart

Ezra and Nehemiah

Cargo Empire




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