Throwback: Potato Head Ugly Sweater Review

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Quick Look: Potato Head Ugly Sweater

Publisher: Fun.com
Year Published: 2022

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From the Publisher:

Holiday Potato

As a child, was your favorite part of the holidays playing with the odd assortment of toys your extended family had? The best of which was Mr. Potato Head? It probably had most of its pieces, even if not though you probably found yourself sharing despite having but one potato body. That part wasn’t your favorite. Yet, the holidays might now be intrinsically linked to Potato Head and purposely mixing shoes with a hat and eyes with a mustache or arm.

It might feel odd to relate the holidays to plastic potatoes. But we fully understand. In fact, we share the memory. It’s one of the reasons our Mr. Potato Head Ugly Christmas Sweater exists!

Fun Details

Celebrate every existing memory and moment in the making when you choose this exclusive holiday sweater for the festivities! Designed by our in-house team, this licensed pullover is all the fun and silliness of holiday playtimes reimagined!

The tan knit sweater has a classic white Fair Isle pattern across the shoulders and hemline. A brown, potato-shaped outline is featured on the front. Magnetic buttons are attached to the inside of the sweater in strategic spots. Match the included Potato Head accessories to the magnets to dress the classic toy as desired, without sharing, unless you want!

Disclaimer: The publisher provided the Potato Head Ugly Sweater. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.



While I never got into Mr. Potato Head as a child to my recollection, (Remember, I have short term/some long term memory loss) I did however enjoy when he came along in the Toy Story films that started coming out after I had kids. It also seemed that my father-in-law got into Mr. Potato Head after this as well. He’d always let us know when he got a new themed Mr. Potato Head. I vaguely remember a Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head.  So, when the opportunity came to review a sweater of said Potato Head, I couldn’t let that pass!

Product Highlights: 
  • Items Included
    • Sweater
    • 10 Character Pieces
    Product Highlights
    • 100% acrylic
    • Pullover sweater has all over knit in graphics, outline of potato on front
    • Felt pieces secure to the sweater w/ magnets, pieces are interchangeable
    • Rib knit collar, sleeve cuffs and hemline
    • Exclusively made by us!
    • Officially licensed
Theme and Mechanics:
They nailed the whole theme of Mr. Potato Head in my opinion. You get to wear Mr. Potato on your stomach. They also 100% nailed being able to add and remove the body parts with the magnet pieces.
There’a not much here. As you only get the 10 parts mentioned previously. I’m really hoping there ends up being expansions so I can mix and match the body parts. This would totally add to the value in my opinion.
Artwork and Components:
Like I said they nailed it!
The Good:
The sweated is oh so kooshi, nice and warm. I like how you can add and remove the body parts like you can on the toys.
The Other:
I’m missing an ear. Not mine, silly, Mr. Potato Heads. What would really rock is if they would add a pocket on the back which would allow for storage of the parts when not in use. Because, let’s be honest, who knows when the second ear will go missing? Also, do they offer replacement parts? I’ll admit the sweated with the plastic parts attached is quite odd and will take some getting used to, especially if you have to do any moving around.
Final Thoughts:
Overall I’d say this is a cool Ugly Sweater. Bring on the expansion packs, and I’m sold!
Players Who Like: Mr. Potato Head, being warm on cold days, Ugly Sweaters, Nostalgia 

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