Hatflings Review by QuelqunQui

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Quick Look: Hatflings

Designers: Fernando Chavarria, Judit Hurtado
Artist: Lorena Azpiri
Publisher: Meridiano 6
Year Published: 2016

No. of Players: 2
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 15-30 minutes.
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From the Publisher:

Hatflings! is a fun game in which each player takes control of a halfling team in the famous “game of hats” that takes place every year in the Spring Festival of Halftown.

To win the game of hats, each team has to exchange the hat of another team for their own hat while dancing, jumping and frolicking. The game board has squares for the halfling tiles who have a hat of their color (orange or purple). Whenever a tile is placed on the 6 x 6 square board, all the adjacent tiles of the opponent team must be flipped to show the other team’s hat color. The game ends when no more halflings could enter the game zone, and the winning team is the one who has more hats of their color. Different kinds of halflings, such as the big bellied ones or the halfling on stilts have special actions.

Who will win the game of hats this year?


Disclaimer: The publisher provided the copy of Hatflings. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.

IMAGES of Hatflings will be coming in the future.



Hatflings is a near-symmetry duel game in which player will battle to control the dancefloor switching hat colours to maintain control the board.

Near-symmetry duel:

I already wrote about duel games and how their tempo is affected by the length of the turn in my Waylander review. I addressed asymmetry in my Best of the west review.  Today I’d like to address a very specific point in duel boardgame that is the near-symmetry.

Symmetrical games often seemed as the game in which players don’t have a specific powers that differs from the ones of their adversaries.

One key asymmetrical feature is most often overlooked by players, because the ability to play first isn’t really a power a such.  Nevertheless if the board on which players play is influenced by the first move without reset, the second player isn’t able to take the same play as the first one.

Those are in fact near-symmetrical games, common examples include Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Chess and Go game.  In most of those games the player making the first move has an advantages over the other one.  The second player in Go game even gets penalty points.  Tic-Tac-Toe is impossible to win if you don’t start (or if your adversary isn’t dumb).

Well Hatflings is the next iteration of the near-symmetry family.  


Hatflings – as such:

In Hatflings players play a dancer on the dance floor one after the other.  Placing the dancer will change the colour of the dancer around so that the board is permanently evolving, oscillating between the two player colours.  Player may also decide to move a dancer instead of placing a new one converting the dancers on around the arriving space.

Hatfling to its simplest managed to combined the holding ground and conquering strategy that the Go game provides to duel with the dynamics of checkers.

Moreover if you are interested in a less old-school gameplay and in something somehow more modern, Hatflings provides each player with special dancers that may be placed any time and will have a detrimental effect on the board such as a Jocker-dancer that will never change colour or a bomb-dancer that will remove all dancer around him instead of switching their colours.  Playing with either some or all of the special dance provides more diverse strategy and allows for a lot of action on the board, not unlike chess. 


Overall Graphics

The Hatflings graphics are friendly family-like graphics  which is unlike other duel strategy games but is a very good thing!  Some how the austere look of Chess and checkers may be gatekeeper for children.  This somehow excites me very much and makes it easier to introduce to new players !

Board and punch boards

The card board is of good quality with bright colours and good printing.


So should I buy it?

Yes! Definitely, as a fresh take on the simple duel game, because it is appealing to children and will be fun for adults. Merge between children games, Go Game and checkers, who would ask for more ?

After reading QuelqunQui’s review, if this sounds like a game for you at the time of this posting Hatflings is available for sale at NOBLE KNIGHT GAMES for only $16.95. check it out and get yours HERE.

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