Fib® A Game for Liars and Thieves® Kickstarter Spotlight

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Fib® A Game for Liars and Thieves®
Publisher: Fib Games
Designer: Adam Stockman
Number of Players: 2+
Ages: 11+
Time: 20-40 minutes.
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Fib, the new hilarious card game for liars and thieves that’s full of deceit

Immerse yourself in a universe where deception reigns supreme and laughter knows no bounds. Fib is the ultimate exercise in imagination. Weave your tales of deceit with the cards in your hand, embellishing and lying as needed. Every game unfolds a unique, side-splitting narrative. Fib is more than just a card game. Born out of a fusion of Mad Libs, Cards Against Humanity, and poker, it’s designed to redefine party games. Fib takes any game night to the next level, offering an unforgettable experience filled with cunning tricks, captivating tales, and endless fun.

Perfect for social gatherings whether it’s a casual get-together or a lively party, Fib is designed to bring your group closer. Revel in laughter, creativity, and surprise in every game. Fib is not just about lying! Show off your sneaky side by claiming Story cards as Fib cards for extra points. But beware; a sharp-eyed accuser might just catch you in the act. No two games of Fib are the same. With endless combinations of Fib and Story cards, your tales of trickery and theft will be uniquely hilarious every time you play.

Fib offers a simple gameplay format that even newbies can understand in minutes. Yet, perfecting your ability to deceive or catch your friends in a fib can be a rewarding lifelong quest.



Fib retails on Kickstarter for $30 at http://kck.st/46tapKn. For more info, visit www.fibgames.com.


 Fib® A Game for Liars and Thieves® will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, October 26 2023 11:59 PM PDT, and has surpassed its funding goal of $5,000.
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