Tank Chess (reprint) Backerkit Spotlight

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Tank Chess (reprint)
Designers: Dragan Lazovic, Predrag Lazovic
Number of Players: 2
Ages: 10+
Time: 10-50 minutes.
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In late 2017, Tank Chess hit the global market after an outstanding Kickstarter
campaign; in June 2023, it had a successful reprint campaign, which featured new
expansions that can make this game a 15-minute filler, but also a grand battle game.
Now, you have the opportunity to pre-order it at a huge discount and join our
awesome community!
Tank Chess is a diceless tactical battle game played on boards of different sizes. In
the base game, there are 5 vehicle types, and more than 30 overall, each one with
its good and bad sides. The battlefield contains obstacles which affect movement
and firing, that can be either printed, or in the form of various elements you can place
by yourself.
Abstract in core, the game requires careful planning, and coordinated maneuvering
in order to either destroy the opponent’s Command Tank, or to escape from the
battlefield with your own Command Tank. As a commander, you need to maximize
the effectiveness of your forces, even if it requires many sacrifices.
With Tank Chess, there are so many possibilities that every game can be a unique
experience. The best thing – you can learn to play it in 10 minutes! Try it out!
Tank Chess is available for preorder on BACKERKIT.
Preorder Below!
Find out more at BGG.
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