How Gaming Platforms Enhance Their Data Security Protocols

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How Gaming Platforms Enhance Their Data Security Protocols 

The nature of running a gaming platform is that you attract many different users, who may bring with them threats to the security of your systems and gaming codes. This is why it’s important to be aware of how to protect your platform.

There may also be threats to the data you gather from your gamers, as well as the coding of your games. This makes it important to enhance your data security protocols by being constantly aware of what you have in place, and making sure that there are checks and balances to keep tabs on any possible threats.

One of the first steps in protection is to have security appliances in place. Click here for the link to Cicso Meraki Security for options.

Protect the system

In addition to having a solid firewall in place, make sure you also install filtering systems for traffic. This will stop any unauthorized traffic reaching your servers.

You have the option to choose from different forms of servers. It is a good idea to make use of one that is cloud-based, which can manage large amounts of traffic.

Protect the data

In addition to protecting the system, make sure that you also focus your security measures on the data.

This means that any data relevant to gamers, or coming from them, is encrypted, so that it cannot be accessed by outside parties. When you encrypt the data from your gamers, it is put into an unreadable format, so that it’s difficult to read and perhaps even more difficult to copy.

You must also always get your gamers’ consent to gather their data. Have a standard agreement in place that each gamer must sign before sharing anything.

There must be stringent access control to the data. Always check who has access and make sure it is monitored. There may be third parties who need to access some of the data. Only allow them what they need for the time they need it.

Make use of controlled hacking

What better way to catch a thief than to consult a thief about their possible habits? Those who seek to hack into your system have their ways of thinking and operating. So, one of the best things you can do is to employ a competent hacker to constantly test your systems.

Check your security regularly

Don’t leave anything to chance – check all your security systems regularly. Make sure that the games’ coding is secure. If you find a gap, apply a security patch immediately.

Educate everyone about security

One of the threats to your security is always access to devices. Take the chance to educate anyone involved with your gaming business about security. Both employees and gamers need to know the importance of protecting their devices.

They will also need to know what they need to put in place to stop malware and viruses from attacking their devices – and thence getting into your system.

As far as possible make sure all devices are encrypted

Not only should your data be encrypted, but it’s also important that any devices on which your data may be stored or used are encrypted. This also means mobile devices.

Make sure that any device used by your employees is password protected and encrypted if possible. Encourage gamers to do likewise.

Use strong passwords that cannot be broken easily

One way of protecting your data and your devices is to make sure they are protected by passwords. They must be strong and not stored anywhere they could be found and copied.

The passwords should be changed at least every 90 days.

Ensure that all your employees meet these requirements.

Back everything up regularly

It is very important that you back up everything regularly: coding, data and any other aspects of your system that are vital. You can use an internal drive, which means the data will be backed up on your platform. You also have the option to use an external hard drive, which should be stored separately from your main systems.

One very useful option you do have is to use the cloud as an external drive, which has a large capacity and is definitely not close to your original systems.

Check your gaming data regularly

You should put systems in place that will check your game data on a regular basis. What you are looking out for is any errors and inconsistencies, which will need to be addressed.

The key is to identify any way of passing security measures, because this is where the threat lies to the security of your system.


Update your systems regularly

Updating software and codes fixes any bugs that may be in the system, which may possibly lead to any security breach.

Consistent updating modifies features of the data and coding, which keeps them secure and relevant to the gamers.

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