DragonMaster Kickstarter Spotlight

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Publisher: Latch-on Games
Co-Designers: Kevin Oliver and Jason Varga
Number of Players: Depends on game you use DragonMaster in conjunction with
Ages: 10+
Time: Depends on game you use DragonMaster in conjunction with 
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Introducing something new to the world of board games!  A Latch-on Game is a universal expansion that you can incorporate into many tabletop board games.

Our flagship creation, DragonMaster, is NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER.  DragonMaster was created in memory of one of our close friends who started us on the journey into the world of board games, who for years was affectionately known as ‘Dragon Master’.
In DragonMaster, each of you has found one of Bahamut’s twelve lost scales imbued with a magical spell. Each scale grants you a special ability to usein conjunction with the board game you are about to play. Any dragon scale can be powerful and should be used carefully and with cunning, skill and strategy. And if you are lucky, you may draw Tiamat’s scale (the thirteenth scale) – the only magic powerful enough to counteract Bahamut.
Breath new life into some of your favorite games with the first ever universal expansion from Latch-On Games… DragonMaster!
Here are a list of some games in which DragonMaster can act as an unofficial expansion for:
  1. Ticket To Ride (Italy, Japan)

  2. Lords of Vegas

  3. Cryptid

  4. Carcassonne

  5. 7 Wonders

  6. Catan – Rise of the Inkas

  7. Lords of Waterdeep

  8. Cascadia

  9. Suburbia

  10. Wingspan

  11. Terraforming Mars, Ares Exp.

  12. Munchkin

  13. Palace of Mad King Ludwig

  14. Century Spice Road

  15. Imhotep

  16. Cascadia

  17. Blood Rage

  18. Namiji

  19. Boss Monster

  20. Shipwrights of the North Sea

  21. Ex Libris

  22. Splendor

  23. Sushi Go  (more limited)

DragonMaster will be live on KICKSTARTER until Sun, November 12 2023 11:49 AM PST, and has a funding goal of $8,750.
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Never Miss Everything Board Game posts again! Get them in your inbox:

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