Witchbound : The Official Boardgame Soundtrack, Now Available


I knew that Witchbound was something special as soon as I play tested it in early 2023. My first impressions of the game can be found here, https://www.everythingboardgames.com/witchbound-gamefound-preview


With a dazzling art style and insane amount of interactive content, it was clear that Witchbound was inspired by the classic video games that serve as my own catalyst for producing video game cover songs.

Knowing just how vital the music is for such classic games in creating a sense of immersion, I was quick to reach out to Dark Doll Games, and I am happy to report that we were able to partner up to ensure that this great game now has a score to accompany it.

6 Tracks provide over 30 minutes of music to accommodate each major game location on your journey through Coven Cove :

1) Coven Cove

2) Weeping Woods

3) Murky Marsh

4) Sunken Shore

5) Hot Hot Heights

6) Gilded Grotto



To purchase the much-anticipated Witchbound board game, (which carries my highest recommendation) click here:https://gamefound.com/projects/silverleaf-studio-/witchbound

You may purchase the Original soundtrack for Witchbound on Apple Music or any other major music platform. https://music.apple.com/ca/album/witchbound-boardgame-soundtrack/1700925420

Alternatively, you may stream the OST on your favorite streaming platform, such as Spotify.


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