Expanding the Table: How Marketing Helps Board Games Reach New Audiences

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Expanding the Table: How Marketing Helps Board Games Reach New Audiences

Playing a board game may have always been your go to when it is a cold, rainy day. It brings the family together in a cozy, even competitive environment. 

With so many different gaming options available today, board games may seem a little limited. However, you can launch a revitalized marketing campaign to help them reach new audiences.

The key to the digital aspect of this campaign is to use Search Engine Optimisation effectively. The best way to do this is to use an agency like Digital Spotlight.


Let your audiences know what is unique about board games

If you want to reach new audiences by marketing board games, you need to tell them what makes the game/s special. Why should they try them out? Or buy them?

Find that unique feature or selling point of a game, or of multiple games, and use that as the hook in your marketing.

You can also research potential audiences and find a way to link them to a game, or to play board games in particular. Board games can be social, or they may be competitive, which will appeal to different audiences. 

Then there are the board games that are downright fun. Use this to appeal to the audience. Attract them with the idea of simply having a blast. People who haven’t thought about board games in this way may be attracted.


Launch a comprehensive marketing campaign

To attract new audiences to your board game/s, you need to have a multi-pronged marketing campaign. Don’t only think paper, or only digital. Think both. And also think sideways. What other channels could you use to market the game/s?

You should target events like Comic Con, where possible. This brings together a whole range of gamers, who are an old audience. Others attend, though, who may want to get into board games, or who are simply curious. If your marketing is on point, you may reel them in and find new audiences.


Host a board game events

A great way to market board games and to attract new audiences is to get them to play the games. You can do this very effectively by hosting regular game nights. Perhaps begin with a narrow guest list, so you can gauge how many people you can manage. Begin by targeting fans of board games and asking them each to bring a newbie with them.

Playing board games is a social activity. Game nights will encourage people to interact with others without feeling socially awkward. This is a great selling point for a new audience.


Create a website using SEO

A surefire way to attract people to board games is to create a website. This gives a home to all your marketing. The site must be attractive, informative and interactive, even only in inviting people to comment on the games, or a store, or a games night.



Make sure that all the content on your site uses SEO, so that you will pop up high in the rankings on an online search. SEO uses targeted keywords to ensure this and to attract people to your site.

Begin a blog

People like relating to specific comments, opinions and experiences, which you can feature in a regular blog focused around board games. You can even allocate space for guests to share their experiences and opinions on the blog.

Introduce a new chat feature

Include a feature on your site that allows visitors to chat with you and other visitors. They can start chats about specific games and about board games in general. Introduce a feature where those playing the games can interact about the game – and perhaps other games.

Begin a newsletter 

A great way to keep people informed about board games and playing them is to start a newsletter. Offer visitors to your site the chance to subscribe. As they read the newsletter, they may join the board game audience. This may filter out to their family and friends.

Make use of social media

You should aim to begin by establishing an organic social media presence. Share experiences, stories and details about board games. Comment on other games and generally make sure you’re active on social media. When your presence is established, you can move into paid advertising on the platforms.

Use influencers to market

A great way to speak to new audiences about something is to bring an influencer on board. You can send them board games to try out and then to review. Such as us here at Everything Board Games! They will comment on them on their social media and reach audiences you couldn’t.

If their reviews are bad, interact with them and their followers. Acknowledge the comments and work on how to improve the experience. 

Don’t forget print marketing

Print marketing is an aspect of marketing you may overlook, because digital marketing has so many options and can speak to a number of different audiences. Because you need to get the print adverts physically for your potential audience, this type of advertising will be local.

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