The Worst Movies Based on Video Games – According to Gamers

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The Worst Movies Based on Video Games – According to Gamers

For a long time, the only thing worse than a movie adaptation of a board game was a board game adaptation of a movie. It’s how we ended up with the completely unnecessary James Bond’s Thunderball, for example. But this problem isn’t limited to board games. With the rise of video games, greedy movie producers have had a whole new set of fans to upset.

But which group of fans get upset the most? To find out, the folks over at Onlinecasinoground.nl surveyed a panel of fans for each game. They quickly realized two things: gamers don’t take kindly to poor movie adaptations, and there are plenty of poor adaptations to choose from, even in recent years. These are the worst offenders, according to gamers:

  1. Uncharted – territory nobody needed to venture into

Tom Holland’s flick might have made a good profit and gathered not-all-too-terrible reviews, but it left one group rather unimpressed: gamers who’ve played Uncharted. No other movie gathered so little support from gamers, with less than 1% of gamers favoring the movie. 

And it’s not as if they didn’t watch it – someone reported nearly having a stroke trying to piece together how the movie was adapted from the games. 

1.Resident Evil – an unnecessary evil

A movie franchise spanning more than half a dozen movies ought to be worthwhile, right? The Resident Evil movies must have struck a chord with some people, but it wasn’t with the fans of the game series. 

While the numbers are “only” second to last, panel members got quite protective and comments could turn downright threatening. “We don’t take kindly to the movies,” someone responded to clarify these comments. 

2. The Witcher – never bewitched the players

Technically not a movie, but the Netflix series has seen quite some popularity and was perhaps watched more than it was played. But again, success doesn’t mean a successful translation. 

Players were downright dismissive about the series, comparing the difference between game and movie between that of a cesspool and a swimming pool. 

3. Assassin’s Creed – 

Assassin’s Creed is a successful game franchise that inspired a single movie. Out of the movies in this list, it’s the only one that found success in no area, losing nearly $100 in production. 

Although players’ reports weren’t quite as scathing as with the other titles, it’s clear that almost no one appreciated the movie, with a mere 3% favoring the movie over the game. 

4. Sonic – Fastest Way to the Player’s Hearts

Where players have been downright cynical about the previous titles, it’s the lighthearted movie about the fast blue hedgehog where things start to improve. 

Maybe it helps that the movie and games are worlds apart, or that the games always had a more casual approach, but 33% of players pick the movie over the games. 

Brighter days

Although gamers seem to be ever loyal to their franchises, movie adaptations of video games have certainly seen some improvement. Compare the cinematic trainwreck that’s Mortal Kombat: Annihilation with the 2021 version, and most people agree there’s an improvement. 

However, if directors and producers insist on adapting video games into movies, it’s best to stick to lighthearted, casual games. The Sonic movies offended no players, and the success of the Angry Birds movies and more recently the record-breaking The Super Mario Bros. movie show a clear direction for those who want to bring video games to the big screen. 

But on behalf of gamers around the world: just stop translating more serious and cinematic games to the big screen, please.

What games to movies did/would you like to seen done? Let us know in the comments!



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