Escape from New York Cinematic Adventure (Video) Review

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Quick Look: Escape from New York Cinematic Adventure

Designers: Kim Frandsen, Thomas H. Pugh, Sigfried Trent
Artists: Abdelmounim Bouazzaoui, Wilson Carreño, Ines Munoz Diaz, Jozsef Vajko
Publisher: Evil Genius Productions LLC
Year Published: 2022

RPG System: Everyday Heroes
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From the Publisher:

In 1988, the crime rate in the United States rose by more than 400 percent. New York City, the site of a massive nerve gas attack by the Soviet Union, is transformed into a maximum-security prison, covering all the incarceration requirements of the United States. Sealed off from the world by a 50-foot containment wall, it is a society in and of itself. Once you go in, you never come back.

As a final security measure, a nuclear bomb has been installed in the head of the Statue of Liberty. While its existence is a closely guarded secret, the revolutionary NLFA have obtained the president’s nuclear arming device and are threatening to detonate the bomb unless their demands are met.

The year is now 1993:your mission is to recover the arming device and codes before all of New York is reduced to radioactive rubble.

Escape from New York is a Cinematic Adventure for the EVERYDAY HEROES Roleplaying Game. You need the EVERYDAY HEROES CoreRulebookto understand and play the contents of this book. EveryCinematic Adventure contains a wealth of lore about the world of the film, new hero-building options, tools and guidance for game masters, and an incredible adventure.

Disclaimer: The publisher provided the copy of Escape from New York Cinematic Adventure. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.




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