World of Warcraft: How to increase DPS and use combat time by 100%

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World of Warcraft: How to increase DPS and use combat time by 100%

In World of Warcraft, DPS, or damage per second, plays a significant part in determining how quickly opponents may be dispatched in battle. The party can accomplish encounters and advance through the game’s content more quickly the greater the DPS. DPS is crucial for controlling adds and mechanics during battles as well. A good DPS player can eliminate adds rapidly, lessening the load on the tanks and healers and improving the effectiveness of the group as a whole. In addition, DPS is necessary to perform well in a variety of content categories, including dungeons, raids, and player vs player combat. In World of Warcraft, a great DPS player is an invaluable addition to any group.

It is very important to develop your character correctly, understand the mechanics of the game and do everything in your power to win battles. Many players who lack gaming experience turn to special companies for help with WoW boosters. Thanks to this service, it becomes easier for them to go through dungeons and raids, level the character, and get resources, useful items and WoW gold. This saves time and effort and avoids the mistakes most players make.


Blizzard doesn’t like static fights. As they say themselves, the abundance of such fights will lead to the fact that the players will be bored. And in order not to let us get bored, we are forced to run, jump, dodge blocks of all sorts of dirty tricks flying at us, run into some puddles, and run out of others. One can agree on something. Although sometimes you just want to stand in one place and attack everyone in a row, turning off your brain and trusting your spinal cord. But until this is destined to come true, we need to think: how to minimize the loss of damage during the dashes?

Using instant spells

As trite as it sounds, instant spells are best used during dashes. By the way, we recommend that you pull underused instant spells into panels. You can often hear that the Fireburst is almost never used by mages. Well, so what? Running away from the slug, you can fully use this ability. Shaman shocks are fine too. Even warriors can use their Heroic Throw. With a good tank, extra aggro won’t be a problem, and you will deal damage.


If it seems to you that we are talking about low damage, then let’s remember that here damage is measured in thousands and an increase of 1 unit per 1000 damage is a weighty argument. And for each member of the raid.


Also, DMB or BigWigs (yes, you can use addons in WoW)  show a very good timer for the use of a particular ability. This should be taken into account. If Flame Shock or Corruption is left hanging for 4 seconds, and Sindragosa will take off after 5, then it does not make sense to outweigh it. It is better to use a couple of spells, and outweigh the dot during the dash.

Correct positioning

Position on the battlefield is very important. Why stand a kilometer away from the point where you will need to run if you can immediately get closer to it? When dealing with killing monsters in Air Combat, it is better to stand closer to the board so that you do not have to run when you need to jump over. To dodge missiles, it is enough to take a step in one direction and a step back.


In fact, there is not much randomness in World of Warcraft. Therefore, any battle can be calculated in advance. Of course, if you don’t get debuffed by Festergut, then you won’t have to run. But if they hang you, you already have a ready-made solution that is optimal in terms of damage done.

Accounting for boss abilities

This paragraph can be called a collective from the previous two paragraphs. We all have cooldowns that allow us to increase damage in the short term: accessories, Avenging Wrath, and Hysteria. And, if the use of these cooldowns during Bloodlust is non-negotiable, then what about the use in the field? After all, we won’t save a 2-minute accessory, waiting for Bloodlust in a 5-minute battle, will we? This is irrational.


The most rational way to use accessories is to use them at the beginning of the battle. This will ensure a timely cooldown rollback to Bloodlust/Heroism. And in case something goes wrong, several people die, finding a green puddle under their feet at the wrong time, you will have the opportunity to use cooldowns for the third time.


But you need to consider the boss’s abilities. Do not spin, which means that the damage is reduced. The same can be said about Rebrad, who tends to lose his head and start rushing after all the raiders in search of a lost item. But after using abilities, applying cooldowns is a great idea. You will have about 20-30 seconds before the next wave, which means you will spend your cooldowns with maximum benefit.


As you can see from the above, you can add hundreds of DPS to yourself without much effort, just considering the situation on the battlefield. You can try our tips on Dragonflight, which was released in November 2022, or on older versions of the game.

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