The Most Popular Student Board Games

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The Most Popular Student Board Games

Board games have risen in popularity among young people once again. Let’s see the most played games among students today.


Wingspan is one of the most appealing and beautiful board games of recent creations. As the name suggests, the game has something to do with birds, which is correct. Here, players need to collect and play birds on their boards while pursuing specific (but randomly chosen) goals. Up to five players can play Wingspan. A minimum is one player who competes against the game. 

However, there isn’t much competition in the game. All players stay focused on their goals and cards in hand, pursuing different purposes and strategies. The winner gains the higher point score gathered from multiple sources. Overall, the logic of the game is pretty straightforward as long as you learn the rules. 

Still, the number of winning strategies and the high number of different bird cards keep the game exciting and addicting for long periods. Plus, the game’s design, attention to detail, variety of birds, and interesting facts about them will make you keep coming for more. Lastly, the game has two expansions, each with new bird cards of specific regions, plus new rules and goals. 

7 Wonders Duel

A perfect game to play when there are just two of you, 7 Wonders Duel will make you compete for hours. It is truly a fascinating game to test your strategic skills, as well as your friendships. The Duel has three stages, each getting more complex and demanding. The first stage is mainly there to collect valuable resources and decide on your strategy for the current match. The second is to secure the basis. The final is to make the last strike.

However, one can win sooner than the game is over, depending on the strategy they choose. A player can win by gaining the most points, by war, or by science. All these ways require proper planning, focus, cunning, and a little bit of luck. Indeed, this game may take a chance on you, yet your logic will play the dominant role in your victory or loss. It’s a serious gamble, which is why The Duel is known to test relationships and friendships. Defeating feels like losing a battle you had full intentions of winning. 

Still, if you are afraid of the addictive nature and challenging game, it’s worth adding to a board game collection. Its rules are pretty easy to remember after several rounds. Having one match takes less than 30 minutes, allowing you several game sets to score a victory. 

Eldritch Horror 

Behold the ancient horrors, unearthly creatures, and the longest but the most thrilling plot of any board game created. Released over a decade ago, Eldritch Horror still captivates our minds. The game is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s novels. Anyone familiar with his art knows what to expect from the game after his stories. It is full of mythical creatures, conspiracies, challenges (sometimes deathly), and horrors on the way. Yet, you can enjoy going through all those things at a safe distance, of course. 

Overall, up to eight players can play this game at the same time. Each player chooses a character to their liking based on where on the map they start, what special moves they have, and just how strong (mentally and physically) these characters are. One may either lose a mind or die during the game, forcing a player to go after another character and start all over. 

Here, you all team up against the game. It constantly throws curveballs at you. Players have to stay united and organized to defeat the ancient gods’ plan to take over the Earth and everyone on it. However, it’s not an easy challenge to try. Fortunately, there are different difficulty levels to test your knowledge of the game and teamwork abilities. Also, don’t forget to run your homework by WritePaperForMe, as this game may take more than 5 hours to complete (whether you win or lose), so be ready to order some assignments beforehand. You will need all your focus on the game to win. 

Twilight Struggle

One of the oldest yet still much-appreciated games on our list, Twilight Struggle, is everything a history student dreams about in a board game. The inspiration for the game comes from the Cold War between the Soviets and the West. In fact, many political figures and characters, facts, and plot twists are based on actual events and people. So, such a realistic approach makes the game even more engaging and entertaining. 

The game is a strategy. It is designed for two players. However, sometimes students choose to play as a team against each other. After all, it’s not the easiest board game to master, so having a backup won’t hurt. In addition, the playing period for this game can last for hours (think at least 2-3 hours at least).

The game logic is unique in its nature. First, it’s pretty easy to master the basic rules and actions on the board. Yet, getting better at the game will require a lot of practice and effort. Secondly, no matter how many times you play, the events on the board can go in many different directions each time, making the game exciting even on the hundredth play. Lastly, it gives pretty accurate insights into the political world of the 1980s, with valuable lessons on international relations, political power play, and political/military strategies.


How do these games fit into your opinion of top 5 games for students? 
Which 5 games would you pick? Comment on this post and let us know!
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