How to Easily Learn to Play Solitaire

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How to Easily Learn to Play Solitaire

Are you ready to enter the world of FreeCell Solitaire? It’s a classic, one-person game with easy-to-understand game rules. 


You can keep reading this post to know the game setup and rules. In no time, you can understand the game and get ready to finish the game in new personal record times every time you play.


Game Setup


Start the game setup by dealing all the cards of a standard deck in 8 columns. It is one of the most interesting solitaire games where you need to get the cards from all the suits to the foundation piles. 


Besides FreeCell Solitaire, Spider Solitaire is also a fun game that you can play to challenge yourself. 




You can move the cards in two ways in the Solitaire game. First, you can place a card of a different color that has a number lower on the top of a card higher ranking card, just like in classic Solitaire. 


Second, you can put cards into the foundation piles. This pile starts with an Ace in each suit and goes up to King. 


You can move cards in the FreeCell Solitaire game in these two ways until there are no more moves (lose) or until you have moved all the cards to the foundation piles (win). 


Rules of the FreeCell Solitaire Game 


Remember these basic rules of the FreeCell when you play solitaire: 


  • You can only use the cards from tableau piles or from free cells to play the game. 
  • In the FreeCell Solitaire game, you can only move one card at a time. You can move the open cards in any tableau pile to any cell. 
  • Each of the free cells can only hold one card. 
  • You can move the cards from cells back to tableau piles or foundation piles. 
  • A foundation pile only starts with an Ace. Then you can move other cards under Ace in ascending order till King. 
  • You get ten points when you move a card to the foundation piles. When you move King to an empty column, you are rewarded with five points. 
  • Remember that you lose a point each time you move and turn one solitaire card except King. 


Keep in mind that you cannot win all the FreeCell Solitaire games as the game is based both on luck and skill. But if you follow the rules and strategy, you can increase your chances of winning. 


Tips to Win FreeCell Solitaire Game 


If you are wondering how to play solitaire in a way you win almost every time, you have come to the right place. We have highlighted some of the best tips that you can follow to win the game of FreeCell Solitaire:


#1 Always Work to the Goal 


Most Solitaire game players are guilty of not determining their goals in the game. Remember that in the game, the goal of every player is to arrange cards of all the suits in four foundation piles in ascending order. 


If you wish to win the game, you must have four foundation piles at the end, with 13 cards in each pile. In addition, each of your stacks can only have identical suits. 


#2 Keep an Eye on Kings and Aces 


Remember that Solitaire games do not permit moving King on the top of another card. Also, if an Ace is not in the foundation, you cannot place any card on it. 


#3 Move Packed Cards into Tableau 


Another mistake that players make is packing their cards into the free cells. If you wish to win the game, try to move the packed cards into empty columns. Make sure you evenly spread the cards to get better opportunities later in the game. 


#4 Create an Empty Tableau 


One important Solitaire for beginners tip is to empty the tableau as early as possible. 


Once you have an empty tableau, you can place the entire sequence in it instead of just one card. These empty columns can only be filled in descending order from King to Ace. 


#5 Move Quickly While Playing Timed Solitaire 


Many players do not prefer playing timed FreeCell Solitaire. But if you are competing or playing online, you need to keep track of time as it will affect your score. 


That means you need to quickly move the cards. This way, you can expect a better bonus. Also, by moving quickly, you can beat your competitors. 


#6 Be Patient and Practice  


Getting stuck in the freecellsolitaire-online can be frustrating. But instead of giving up, you can practice getting better at the game. When you begin the game, try to make safe moves. 


#7 Undo and Mix


If a moved card does not work in your favor, you can quickly undo your move rather than losing the game. 



For solitaire beginners or veterans looking for a diverse range of games and a user-friendly interface, Solitaire Bliss is a fantastic online destination. Alternatively, the MobilityWare Solitaire app offers a robust mobile experience with a variety of solitaire versions for on-the-go play. Both platforms provide engaging layouts and are great choices for anyone looking to enjoy the classic game of solitaire with modern convenience.



FreeCell is a fantastic game that you can play to pass the time or challenge yourself. Not only is the game entertaining, but it also allows you to challenge yourself and improve your cognitive skills. 

Do you play Solitaire? Let us know in the comments!
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