Dized+ subscription service is launching in December 2022

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Dized+ subscription service is launching in December 2022

HELSINKI, FI – Dized, the premium tabletop companion, is launching its subscription service Dized+ on the 1st of December. It will be available for iOS, Android and web users, priced $3 a month, or $30 for an annual subscription.

The subscription will give an ad-free experience to over 50 interactive board game tutorials from a multitude of publishers, with hundreds of more titles to come in 2023. Subscription will also include other benefits, such as access to game specific add-ons and extras – ranging from simple thematic soundtracks to full fledged expansions, player tools that players can use with any game like dice rollers, score counters and sound boards, and the ability to vote on upcoming features on the app.

As a launch offer valid until the end of the year, the annual deal will get a substantial $10 discount on the normal $30 subscription price. The offer is available at the Dized website at https://dized.com/subscription/

Record breaking year to the Dized service

Currently the most coveted content in Dized are the Interactive Tutorials that allow players to skip the rulebook and start playing board games right out of the box. Essentially they allow players to learn as they are playing. With tutorial releases to dozens of popular games, such as Terraforming Mars, Scythe, War of the Ring, 7 Wonders and Carcassonne, the audience has started to find the Dized service as their go-to service for learning new games.

“We are well over 200.000 unique users alone this year, and we expect to continue having an explosive growth going into 2023. We’re working with dozens of publishers on titles like Spirit Island, Tiny Epic titles, Joking Hazard and Splendor Duel, and they surely are titles that will be found on tens of thousands of gaming tables around the world – and we’re providing the best experience to learn these games”, states the CEO of Dized Jouni Jussila.

The Dized+ service is bringing even more value to the gamers. As the Tool that allows the creation of the tutorials has developed further, also game add-ons are starting to appear in Dized.

“We are absolutely stoked about starting to see Dized becoming more than just a fantastic way of learning games, it’s becoming a way to have more entertaining game nights. The content that can now be built ranges from thematic soundtracks to constructing full-fledged game add-ons like extra adventures or character builders. Dized+ members will have access to all this extra content and other upcoming and exciting features. Launching the subscription give us a better ability to keep offering the uncompromised Dized experience in the future too.”

Dized is for everyone

Dized invites all publishers to join up to bring more effective, inclusive and entertaining ways for their players to learn and enjoy their games. Dized’s online Content Creation Tools enable the community of content creators and publishers to create Interactive Tutorials, and also digital add-ons for their games, which can help in creating more immersive and extended gaming experiences.

Dized is available for Android and iOS devices and also on desktop computers at https://app.dized.com


Tomi Vainikka tomi.vainikka@dized.com

Publisher Relations: b2b@dized.com


Android: https://dized.com/android

iOS: https://dized.com/ios

Desktop: https://app.dized.com


Presskit: http://www.dized.com/press

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Dized web: http://www.dized.com


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