5 Games A Board Game Cafe MUST have when they open?

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5 Games A Board Game Cafe MUST have when they open?

A board game cafe is exactly what it means a cafe that offers a bunch of board games for its customers. These cafes are exciting places to visit, whether you have to chill with your friends or head out for some good food. 

Whether young or old, you will have an opportunity to play different board games. While playing, you can order food, drinks, and other tasty offerings that can go a long way. If you are new to these cafes, this board games cafe guide will help you.

Sometimes the staff at these cafes may also help you understand certain games so that you can have a great time. If you are planning to open your very own board game cafe, here are a few games that you must have:


The objective of Cribbage is to score points by creating specific combinations of cards, either during the play of a hand or in the hand’s scoring phase, with the ultimate goal of being the first player to reach 121 points. It’s a great game to play at cafes due to its engaging blend of strategy, skill, and social interaction, making it perfect for a relaxed yet mentally stimulating environment. The game’s compact board and quick rounds are ideal for casual play over coffee. If you don’t have the physical version, you can enjoy the same strategic depth and fun online, allowing you to play with friends or solo against AI opponents. 


Codenames is an excellent board that will be loved by your customers visiting your cafe. It is a team game where you need the guess the code name of your team members before the other team does. It is simple and easy to learn, perfect for your game night or evening. Remember that you must be careful while guessing the name, or you could lose your game. The game can be taught in 5 minutes so that you won’t waste much time at the cafe. 


Exploding kittens is one unique wild game you can add to your collection. This widely popular game is a silly yet fun game with loads of fun and is relatively easy to play. It is a strategic card game where players draw cards at random until one of them picks up an exploding kitten card. Don’t worry; they won’t actually explode, but you can get power cards to avoid these explosions. Like most card games, the last person standing will win the game. It is quite similar to UNO, but other silly cards can kill you in the game. 


I’m sure you will love this survival horror board game if you love horror movies. If you have kids at the cafe, you must avoid playing it with them. Nemesis is a wonderful game that assigns players with distinct characters equipped with skills and talents. In this role-playing game, you are humans against aliens as you face some gruesome situations. As many as five people can play an exceptional board game as you fight through real stakes to survive.




Another great game you can add to your cafe is the pandemic board game, where you fight against an outbreak of deadly diseases worldwide. In this board game, you and your teammates must communicate and develop strategies to control these threats each round. And just as you think things are getting better, you will find new infections arising at the end of each round. It can be quite challenging as you need to prioritize threats that can take over the world. You also have an opportunity to develop cures, but you need to have cards matching a specific color. This game is absolutely captivating, and I’m sure you’ll have an excellent time. 


Catan is one of the best classic games that will be popular at your cafe. The game’s goal is simple; you need to build your kingdom and expand your boundaries in a tactical and fun way. The uninhabited lands are huge, and keeping your wits throughout the game is important to make the right decision. Keep in mind that certain landscapes offer better benefits, so you need to claim the best spots as soon as possible. As you play the game, you can trade resources, land, or whatever you think will increase your chances of winning. 

Final Words 

By adding these games to your collection, I’m sure your customers will have a great time. These games are fun and pretty easy to understand, no matter the age. 

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