Wicked Ones KS – Final 72h. Well-funded and PACKED with new content! & KILLER GIVEAWAY!

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Wicked Ones and Undead Awakening Kickstarter
Only 72 Hours Remaining!

Pledge Below!


In Wicked Ones, play as a group of monsters building a dungeon, raiding the overworld, and slaying adventurers that come to steal your hoard. In Undead Awakening, leave the dungeon behind and embrace undeath, leading your horde against the forces of humanity as you spread chaos across the land. It’s a whole new game mode, a fresh evil experience to delve into.
More than 1500 backers and $130,000 raised has given us a ton of flexibility to add even more value to a campaign that was already packed with gaming goodness, and a lot of it is exclusive to this Kickstarter – so if you want in, now’s the time!
16 Amazing Sandbox Maps for just a $1 pledge! Seriously!
Check out this stunning map above in high resolution by clicking on the image.
Sandbox maps are a vital part of Wicked Ones and Undead Awakening, our games of playing as fantasy monsters. Groups worldbuild together, creating a region to rampage through. The books come with a great set of 8 maps and we brought on 8 more artists via stretch goals to give their own unique takes on regional sandboxes. These work great for not only our games, but for any game – another great tool in a GM’s arsenal and just a ton of fun to look at!
You can get all 16 of these maps, the 8 added ones available only through this campaign, for just a $1 pledge – a thank you for following along with us and a way to promote the work of these artists. If you really like the maps, you can even grab the Cartography Kit, a box of all the sandbox maps printed on thick, high-quality linen-texture paper.
Extensive funding gave us a lot of room for stretch goals!
All of your support has allowed us to add everything we dreamed of to this campaign
  • Dice Sets! Two very unique 6d6 dice sets that are readable as normal pips, but are also color-coded to match any Forged in the Dark game.
  • EU-friendly shipping! We’ll be sending half our shipment to Ireland, allowing our friends in the EU a price break on shipping.
  • Expanded Cartography Kit! All of the extra sandbox maps (for a total of 16) are printed up along with doubling the size of the dungeon drawing sheets! We also added in punchout adventurer and minion tracker tokens and handy sheets for dungeon drawing and dungeon invasion rules reference, to really enhance the lightly boardgame-esque experience of the dungeon building side.
These are really just the tip of the iceberg. Come check out the campaign and see for yourself!
This campaign includes Kickstarter exclusives. They will not be offered again.
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Never Miss Everything Board Game posts again! Get them in your inbox:

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