😈 Wicked Ones: Build a dungeon. Slay adventurers. Be a Monster.

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Wicked Ones is smashing through its Kickstarter funding goal!
Come check out the game that’s half tabletop RPG, half dungeon building board game.

WICKED ONES is a tabletop RPG about a group of fantasy monsters building a dungeon, launching raids on the surface to gather a hoard, and pursuing a nefarious master plan. Along the way, there’s pillaging, rituals, concoctions, contraptions, discoveries deep in the ground, dungeon rooms, traps, creatures, minions, and so much more! You build your dungeon over time throughout the campaign and no two dungeons will ever be alike.

You bask in choosing the greater of two evils as your group strives to accomplish its master plan and terrorize the region around your dungeon. However, your vile deeds lure increasingly greedy and powerful adventurers into your dungeon. Can you stave off the inevitable onslaught of heroism that your notoriety brings?

There’s even a full-version free edition download on the Kickstarter page. Check it out!
Okay, so how is this RPG also a board game?
You draw out the dungeon itself on a grid, together with all players participating in its creation. It’s a physical element that takes center stage at the table when dungeon invasions occur. The other parts of the game are roleplaying heavy – but the dungeon invasion itself is all about putting your Rube Goldberg machine-esque dungeon to the test against the invaders.
  • Choose a dungeon theme: Build an enclave, forge, hideout, stronghold, or temple. Each dungeon functions differently and provides access to new room types.
  • Draw out the dungeon: The placement of the rooms and tunnels affects how adventurers move through your dungeon as they try to make your way to the end of it, your sanctum, where the final battle takes place.
  • Add defenses: Traps directly knock hearts (health) off adventurers, tricks force them into doing something specific like splitting up or losing a weapon, and locks prevent them from going down certain pathways. Roll for each one to see how effectively they affect the invaders.
  • Recruit and control denizens: As your dungeon grows, creatures of your choosing such as basilisks or a swarm of bats come to inhabit your dungeon in their own lairs. You can also actively recruit minion packs, small groups of (relatively) intelligent creatures like goblin scouts or orc berserkers that you can directly control and wander the halls of your dungeon hunting down the invaders.
As you raid the surface for loot, your dungeon grows over time – and the adventurers that come to invade it grow in power as well. The group works together to define a nefarious master plan, the culmination of their campaign. Can your dungeon keep you safe long enough?
Dungeon Drawing Guide Included
The game includes a detailed guide on how to draw out a dungeon – and you don’t have to be a great artist to get good results.  The guide covers basic shapes and more generic icons that can be used as traps, but also more details icons you can copy or use for inspiration to spice up the dungeon you’re drawing out.  Some groups also appoint a single person to do all of the drawing to give the dungeon a specific, unified look.
Basic and Detailed Dungeon Guides!
Produce Dungeons Like This! 
Clearly Explained Invasion Rules! 
Still not convinced? How about some evocative art?
All of this comes in a very well-laid out book absolutely packed with art by artist Victor Costa, in his unique style reminiscent of Samurai Jack and Hellboy. It provides the perfect inspiration for nefarious evildoing, while keeping things a bit light a b-movie villainesque.
You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.
 Wicked Ones and Undead Awakening: High-Quality Print Run will be live on KICKSTARTER until Wed, August 31 2022 5:57 AM PDT, and has surpassed its funding goal of $9,769.
Pledge Below!
Find out more at HERE.
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