Flu Season dice and Flu season – a Kickstarter preview

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Quick Look: Flu Season dice and Flu season


Publisher: SadStretch Games
Year Published: Coming to Kickstarter June 2022

No. of Players: Flu Season card game (2-6) Flu season dice game (2-8)
Ages: Flu Season card game (10+) Flu season dice game (6+)
Playing Time: Flu Season card game (30-90 minutes.) Flu season dice game (10-30 minutes.)
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From the Publisher:
Disclaimer: The publisher provided the prototype copy of  both Flu Season dice game and Flu season card game. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.


Flu Seasons Art and theme:

Flu season dice and Flu Season are two different games although they share theme and art style.

If you were alive in a populated area between 2020 and 2022, you might have noticed that the world was hit by a pandemic.  During this period, government took decision to control the spread of the pandemic and mass media were forced to explain some stuff to their audience.

Words like “Super-spreader” or booster shot entered everybody’s current vocabulary.  Although Flu season has a more general theme, being the Flu, it has been influenced by the last two years, as both COVID 19 and the flu spread in similar way.

But don’t worry I won’t give a course on virology and spread statistics here ☺.

The art of both games is simple and refreshing, displaying light jokes in both images and text descriptions alike.

Flu Season Dice:

Flu season dice is a game that plays with 9 custom dice and a few cards.

The game comes with rules for 6 gaming modes based around the same idea.  The dice have 4 symbols, 2 good and 2 bad.


For all 6 game modes you have life and your purpose is to stay alive the longest, while rolling the dice one after the other.

Choosing a game mode allows you to define the length of your game.  The problem is that for 5 out of 6 of those game modes, you will not really be able to define much more, as they only allow you to roll dice, apply the result and pass the dice to the next player until one of the players would win.

This is quite similar to how “Battle” the card game plays out.  Those games are good to keep children busy as I recall, but more than that, they lack interest.


So let’s only talk about the one where you can actually do something.  On top of the dice, you are given the choice from 5 classes, each coming with a special power from re-rolling to being immune to certain dice.  But even though your decisions do not have a detrimental impact on the games resolution and you will mostly be rolling dice.


All in all it might be good to play with small children but won’t qualify as a party game you’d want to play with friends.


Flu Season


Flu Season is a card game that plays with tokens and 150 cards.  For starters, the variety of cards allows for more jokes than Flu Season Dice.  By now you might know that I love modern card games and that I have played a variety of them.

In Flu Season the players are given cards of multiple types, some have direct instant effects, others are set in games and have effects until they leave play.  The purpose is to stay alive while all your opponents die from infectious flu.

Players need to leave the safety of their home each turn and therefore draw a card.  However, you know it is dangerous to go out there alone, the deck contains positive and negative cards, if you draw a curse you will loose hearts or discard a card from your hand.

While out there, you will be able to take an action and play a card to either restore your life points or diminish your adversaries’.  Should you have no cards left in your hand you are allowed to draw and gather resources instead of taking your action.  Cards take turns playing with recent history, would it be go partying to lose all your cards or a booster short to restore a heart.


The game is really easy to learn as actions are quite limited.  For the connaisseurs, I’d compare Flu Season to Munchkin and Fluxx.  On the one hand, Flu season is simpler and less adult-minded than Munchkin but the actions and the way it is played is quite similar.  On the other hand, the rules are as simple as the one from Fluxx and only really involve a card played per turn and the cards on the table.  There is no big strategy in Flu season, but that is also what makes its’ charm.

So what should I buy ?


As always, it depends ☺.  If you fancy collecting all the sort of dice out there, Flu season dice plans to come with 9 special engraved dice, you might want them, even to just to repurpose in your Medical D&D 5e run. If you do not, I would not buy Flu Season dice, as it is too simple to hold on to other quick games to play with children.  

If you have children and like to add a bit of light humor that is suitable for children and enjoyable for adults, you might want to add Flu Season to your collection.  It has a new and trendy theme on top of its big advantage to be quick and easy in set up and play.  Of course, depending on how the Kickstarter plays out it might even become a must have.

After reading QuelqunQui’s review, if this sounds like a game for you at the time of this posting Flu Season dice and Flu season will be live on KICKSTARTER until Starting on 22 June 2022, and has a funding goal of $500. Check it out once it’s gone LIVE and back it HERE.
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