WARLINE – Design Custom Maneuvers Craft Your Path to Victory Kickstarter Spotlight

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WARLINE – Design Custom Maneuvers Craft Your Path to Victory

Publisher: El Jay Play
Designer: Justin D Leingang
Number of Players: 2-4
Ages: 10-99
Time: 30-60 minutes.

WARLINE: Maneuver Strategy & Tactics is a detailed maneuver warfare sandbox game in which you craft and execute a new strategy every time you play. Every battle begins with interactive “Strategicraft” decisions, where you design a unique strategy by your choice of terrain, fortifications, army composition, deployment formation, and more. Then, on the battlefield, call on your kingdom’s terrifying Battle Arts and invent custom, high impact chains of actions and combos to overcome every challenge your opponent throws at you.

Craft your own strategy. Weaponize everything…

In this 2-4 player (1v1/1v2/2v2) competitive game, you take up arms as one of Soroyland’s powerful kingdoms, actively plot your scheme, and use every tool at your disposal, designing explosive maneuvers to forge your path toward one of five different victory conditions.

• Three unique modes of play: Battle Canvas (freeform sandbox play), History of Conflict (scenarios rich in lore), and Mastery of Command (single-player tactical puzzles).
• Uncountable paths to victory and the Strategicraft system ensure no two battles are alike.
• No-luck combat and action resolution ensure your wits and creativity alone are what propel you to victory.
• Gameplay founded on designing complex, high impact action chains and combos.
• Terrifying powers that can transform the battlefield and weaponize even terrain.
• Incredibly short set up time, along with average match times of 45 minutes.
• Beautiful, large scale game components that appear as works of modern European industrial design, delivering a stunning table presence.
• Innovative mechanisms that express vivid warfare while minimizing fiddliness and complication.
• Free web apps extend content indefinitely and give you the power to create new scenarios. (Web apps to be unlocked as stretch goals.)


Battle Canvas (2-4 players, 1v1/1v2/2v2)

With one conflict being catalyst to another, like dominoes in an infinite spiral, the peoples of the kingdoms are necessarily reared for war. For hundreds of years, wise leaders have dedicated their lives to the evolution of warfare, honing the craft like master blacksmiths. The studies and teachings of these leaders serve as the groundwork for the Warline Battle Canvas game design—which offers you a rich and flexible warfare tool set. With these tools, you are free to explore all angles of warfare. In your exploration, you are going to experience conflict in a manner that you likely have not before. The key to success is not racing to build power and crushing your opponent. Instead, you will prevail by craft and ingenuity. You will outpace and overcome your opponent by means of shock, disruption, and deception. You will make sacrifices to gain every edge. As with the great historical commanders in the battles at the Frozen Coast, the Channels of Opulence, and the Flooded Cove, you will lead one of Soroyland’s kingdoms and wield the multitude of tools at hand to design your own unique and memorable path to victory.

History of Conflict (2 players, 1v1)

(Unlocks as a stretch goal.) The History of Conflict game mode presents to you unedited historical accounts of hard fought battles, delivered by those most deeply touched. Each account paints the picture of a scenario within some key point during a battle. Prior to battle, configure the battlefield and other battle conditions according to the lore. Then, you have the opportunity to either reenact or rewrite the history of these events.

Mastery of Command (1 player)

(Unlocks as a stretch goal.) The kingdoms of Soroyland invest innumerable resources into military education and the mastery of martial practice. The peoples of the land are students of warfare. In the year 402, a codification of training was developed, colloquially referred to as “tactical dilemmas training”—lessons which help to sharpen a commander’s situational awareness and tactical coordination skills. The Mastery of Command book collects some of the more well known lessons of the Frost, Timber, Sey, and Flaym kingdoms. These tactical dilemmas help you sharpen your understanding of each kingdom’s unique powers, and also generally sharpen your fundamental command skills.

 WARLINE—Design Custom Maneuvers Craft Your Path to Victory will be live on KICKSTARTER  launching tomorrow May 12th, at 10am US Central time and running until Wed, June 1 2022.
Find out more at BGG.
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