Board Game Day Kickstarter Preview

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Quick Look: Board Game Day

Author: Ambie Valdés
Artists: Rachel Kremer
Publisher: Self-Published
Year Published: Coming to Kickstarter 2022

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From the Publisher:

A rhyming children’s board book about the fun of board gaming

Disclaimer: The publisher provided the Digital ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of Board Game Day. The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.



There is no doubt that the world must be a strange, alien place in the eyes of growing infants and toddlers, but perhaps being inundated with waves of new social phenomena is the most daunting challenge for our young ones in this day and age.

As such, the whole idea and concept of a family “Board Game Day” must be an affront to all of their sense of world order at the stage of development they are in. 

“Who are all these strange new people I have never seen before?”, they must be asking. “Why are they all sitting around this big table? And what are all of these strange pieces on the table and what are they for?”.

Author Ambie Valdes and illustrator Rachel Kramer have attempted to bring clarity and illumination to these young minds by publishing “Board Game Day”, a children’s board book that is exactly what you as a parent, aunt, uncle, caregiver, etc, may have come to expect from books for this age. In my experience, this particular style of book is best enjoyed from birth to 5 years of age or so.

The creators of the book were kind enough to provide me with a PDF sample of the book in its current form, and as a parent, I can say that content wise , this artistic endeavor hits all of its marks. Better than most or many other board books, too, might I add, as I have seen a lot of bad ones with poor literary structure and form. This one rhymes with fluid grace!

The art is cute, colorful and successfully portrays the excitement of getting ready for the big board game day. Having friends over, picking a game, enjoying the company and laughter. Nothing is out of place.

In its current state, the book is “complete” in the sense that it is written and illustrated from beginning to end. Some things are subject to change ; at this stage of development, some “Easter Eggs” for board game enthusiasts are possibly in the works, such as seeing some of your favorite real and official board games depicted within the book.

Being a board book, of course we should not expect a novel—it roughly constitutes 15 pages, or a mere 7 page turns, but this is nothing outside of the ordinary for the medium. 

Given that this is a digital preview PDF, I have no idea what the final form of the physical book would look like, but one would expect that it would be designed to hold up to everyday use and abuse as most board books are. You know…throwing, biting, chewing, bending, being stepped, squashed under a sofa leg and sat on when left in an unexpected place. The usual sorts of things a book would experience in its life with a young soul.


All in all, this is project that board game enthusiasts should look forward to if you have young ones in your life. The Kickstarter is launching soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


After reading Jazz Paladin’s review, if this sounds like a board book for you (or your small ones) at the time of this posting Board Game Day will be coming to KICKSTARTER in the summer of 2022. Make sure to follow along so you can back the project on day 1 HERE.
Find out more HERE.
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