An Everything Board Game Reviewer needs your thoughts and prayers!

Greetings fellow Board Gamers,

Today I am writing to ask that you please consider lending prayer and/or financial support to one of my fellow reviewers here at Everything Board Games.

E.V. (https://www.everythingboardgames.com/evs-reviews) has recently discovered that her son, Dominic, has a very rare and potentially fatal type of cancer. He had already had one infected kidney removed, has spent a few weeks in the hospital, and is likely going to spend many more days and weeks in the hospital as he prepares for chemo therapy to hopefully eradicate what remains of the cancer.

I have personally known E.V. and her family for 12 years now, and have spent many occasions setting up play dates between her son Dominic and our children. We often enjoy playing board games together, playing music, trips to the park, celebrating birthdays and more, so we have had quite a fair bit of shared time with each other’s families.

I am stating this so you as a reader may have some degree of assurance in knowing that this is not a scam.

I have been in touch with E.V. quite a bit over the past few weeks, and know that she and her family are struggling on all sorts of levels ; most certainly emotionally, but now comes the added weight of the financial burden as fees are expected to exceed 50 thousand dollars after insurance covers just the first few weeks of this emergency.

The final cost has yet to even be realized and calculated with so many uncertainties of how long treatment and hospital stays will last, so every bit of support will help in this worthy cause.

A GoFundMe fundraiser has already been created at the following link. https://www.gofundme.com/f/cucbtp-help-my-nephew-fight-cancer?

I ask that you prayerfully and kindly consider a contribution to this cause. Even if you cannot contribute financially, prayers and sharing news of this fundraiser would be greatly appreciated!

Yours truly,

Jazz Paladin

Review Manager for Everything Board Games

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