Why Playing Video Games Is GOOD For You

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Why Playing Video Games Is GOOD For You

Video games are harmful to your mind and body or not has always been a matter of debate. Games are accused of making players violent and lazy, affecting their mental health. However, recent scientific evidence shows many cognitive, physical, and social effects.

There are many benefits of video games, from problem-solving, memory to improved mood. Games like Splinter Cell multiplayer help social skills and friendships that last for years. Other games like mahjong help stimulate the player’s mind and improve problem-solving skills.

We have made a list of reasons why playing video games is good for you.


Many video games require concentration and strategy. Video game environments are pretty rich in stimuli with audio and 3D graphics. Exploring the virtual world of video games can impact your memory. Playing video games involves juggling multiple tasks in a virtual space.

At this time, you are exercising your hippocampus that converts short-term into long-term memory. Playing regular video games keeps your mind and memory sharp even as you grow older.


You face a competing stimulus or a complex environment while playing video games. Your brain creates a perceptual template that helps decide what is essential and what is not. It enables you to assess and respond to a virtual game and real-life situations.

High-action video games improve your contrast visibility and visual stimuli. You can distinguish patterns and different shades in a better way. It has valuable real-life benefits like finding something you dropped in the grass or tracing a friend in the crowd.

Spatial judgment

Playing video games helps you visualize space better. Shooter video games let you think of objects in three dimensions. You become better at judging distances between objects or imagining fitting them into space.

Having good spatial visualization is an advantage in real life. You can better judge whether you can park a car in a tight spot or not.


Can you imagine video games teaching you strategy and problem-solving? Yes, many games teach you how to use objects to solve problems and explore the environment. Some games let you plan the layout of a city, streets, and zones. Games that teach you to resource planning and management boost your problem-solving skills in real -life.

Almost every game involves figuring out a puzzle or finding the fastest route to escape. Solving such problems while playing makes you analyze the issue and find a solution. Obstacles in games are sometimes open-ended with little instructions. Such games make you think in a broader way which helps you take challenges in real life.

Physical fitness

Many fitness games like WiiFit and Dance Dance Revolution let you work out. Such games require you to get up and be active. They are suitable for your health and a great way to maintain your fitness without hitting gyms. Exergames get you up and move, improve joint flexibility, blood circulation, coordination, and balance.

Playing games improve hand-eye coordination and muscle movement. Thanks to Battlelog that provide high-quality hacks. These help you play quicker with higher efficiency, raising your hand-eye coordination.

Decision making

Fast-paced video games like Call of Duty require you to make quick decisions on multiple aspects at a time. These energizing action games always keep you on your toes and improve your decision-making ability. Video games like SimCity improve long-term planning.

They make you think and plan, which will also benefit you in making real-life decisions. The games train your brain to understand the outcomes of your decisions or choices.

Relaxing and Social skills

The video game community is vast where you can play with millions of other players worldwide. They increase your social interaction in video games that make you confident in the real world. Participating in virtual space with other players encourages cooperation and communication with people in reality.

Video games are a great way to relax your mind. Short and straightforward games can improve your mood happier. Complex or profoundly immersive video games are therapeutic. They absorb you entirely into the digital world, keeping you away from real-world worries for some time. Games are ideal for giving your brain a break from everyday life stress and anxiety.


So, you might now agree that playing video games does not harm your health. From better navigation to memory, they are an advantage to your life. So, gear up and be ready to play your favorite games.

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