Some bad news about The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

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Some Bad News about one of the 1st Gaming Podcasts I became a fan of when I first started in the industry


Important Message from Jamie and the Other Cabal Hosts. Please Read.
Hey now, Cabalists. This is a thread/post/update that no one ever wants to have to write but here we are. As you all probably heard on the show or read in my Kickstarter update, over the past few months I’ve been struggling with some debilitating respiratory health issues that forced me to take a step back from some of the Cabal work duties. Despite seeing doctors and trying various treatments (some of which actually seemed to help a little) on Wednesday the 22nd I had a pretty bad morning and my wife took me to the hospital and that’s where I’ve been since.
After a battery of tests, scans and medical procedures I finally have a diagnosis and it’s not a good one at all – I have a mass in my esophagus that is pressing against my left lung which is collapsing it making it difficult to breath and causing low oxygen in my blood. And yes, the mass in my esophagus is cancer.
I’ve been meeting with a team of oncologists that have worked up a plan of treatment and we believe it will be starting today. I also am lucky enough to have an extensive and caring support system to see me through this led by my amazing and beautiful wife Melanie who I would be lost without. She is my rock.
So obviously, this all means that things may change for a little bit. I have no idea how long I’ll be stuck in this hospital bed. They won’t send me home until my breathing improves with some treatment. Once I get home and treatment is rolling, I’ll know more about my day to day capabilities and what I can do Cabal-wise. I know, I know, you’re going to say “Think of your health first! Get better! We’ll be here when you’re back!” I have loved hearing you all say that over the past months but believe me, getting back to working on the Cabal IS thinking of myself. I love it so much and the sooner I’m back, the happier I’ll be. But despite that, there’s gonna be a bit of a hiatus that happens with everything Cabalist related. I’ll keep everyone updated as things progress over the coming weeks. That also includes the 2021 Kickstarter fulfillment. The plan was to have the pledge manager launched and running now but this has altered that plan. As soon as I get everything leveled here, I can get a better picture of how quickly we can progress things there.
Thank you all so much for your kind support and well wishes in advance. I know I won’t be able to respond to much of anything and I just want you all to know that even though I may not, it absolutely means a world to me.
Love you all, Cabalists.
— Edit —
Hey Cabalists. This is Chris here. I checked with Jamie after I’d received numerous requests on how to send cards, etc. Feel free to send them to my address and just put his name on them. I’ll make sure anything good finds it’s way in to the vortex….
I mean… I’ll make sure he receives them all.
617 Carrie Dr
Dallastown, PA 17313
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