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Board games aren’t just for passing the time. They’re a great way to spend time with family and friends or simply to fill your own time with some classic-fashioned fun. We’ve created a special board game guide that you can refer to when you’re planning a family game night or hanging out with friends and looking for something to do. Board games have provided a foundation for home entertainment for more than a century. Discover how to play the following popular games so you can plan an exciting afternoon or evening of fun at home.


Family Games

Staying home for the weekend without much to do? It’s the perfect time to plan a family game night. If you’re shopping for board games that are ideal for families, consider the following:


Initially released in 1995, Catan is designed for three to four players and is based on the German-style classic board game. Rather than entering into direct conflict with opponents, each player strives to gather resources. In this case, players are on a quest to build their own empires—the first player to hit all their construction milestones and complete their empire wins. 


The key to becoming a Catan champion is collecting resources and placing them strategically on the game board. The game has been translated into more than 42 languages worldwide because its premise and gameplay are so fun for players. The game’s genius relies on luck (dice rolls) to some extent and on each player’s strategy, which compels them to build alliances and make beneficial trades. Typically, this game is geared for people aged 10 and older. 



Dixit is an award-winning board game that brims with imaginative fun. It’s ideal for large family gatherings because the more players, the more challenging the game becomes. Each player receives six illustrated cards. The cards boast an array of eclectic images. On their turn, each player will take the ‘storyteller’ roll. They will say a word that is indicative of the image and place the card flat on the table so no other players can see what it is. 


Then each player will place down their own card that they identify with the image. The storyteller will then mix them up and place them right side up. Each player who chooses the storyteller’s images gets to move three places on the game board—so does the storyteller for each correct guess! If no one is able to guess correctly, the storyteller will not be able to move, but the other players will move two places forward. Players love the imaginative word aspect of the game, which is marketed to children age eight and older.

Risk (Lake from Everything Board Games interjecting “We will be reviewing this soonish!)

If your family is into world domination, it’s sure to enjoy an evening around the Risk board. Risk is a classic board game based on both luck and strategy. First, each player receives their countries and a very limited number of armies to “patrol” them. Then, players will take turns attacking other countries that they want to conquer. Players attack using dice. If the attacker wins, the losing player removes its army or armies depending on the number of attacks. 


The more countries that a player is able to conquer, the more armies they will win. They can place armies in any country that they own. The more continents that players can hold, the more armies they’ll receive yet! The player who dominates the entire world, taking over all the countries on the board, wins the game! Risk is a longer game, so it’s ideally suited to players age ten and older.

Sushi Go! 

Ideal for families with kids eight and older, Sushi Go! is an action-packed game based on a sushi restaurant and menu offerings. The game is fast-paced and played over three rounds. To play, players receive several cards, but they can only choose one of them before passing the others to their neighbor. Players will want to hang onto the high-value cards—especially “pudding cards.” Each of the cards has a different value. Putting sets of cards together as gameplay ensues and players picking new cards will ultimately lead to a winner—the player with the most points. 


Couples Games

If you and your partner are looking for a fun board game for an at-home date night or are just lounging around on a weekend afternoon, consider giving one of these two-person games a try:



Quoridor is a unique strategy game with a simple goal: move your pawn across the board. Each player receives their pawn along with some fence pieces. Players use their fences to block their opponent from reaching the other side of the board and winning the game. Although the game’s premise is simple, moves require substantial strategizing as players must decide whether to go on offense or defense. 


The Mind

The mind is a unique card game that involves a bit of mind-reading, so it’s particularly fun for couples. The game’s goal is to play the lowest card as the lowest cards played will win the player the round—and cause the other player to lose a life. Lives are limited in The Mind. Once a player is out of lives, their game is lost.



Quarto is a multi-layered strategy game that requires players to collect and build four-part structures. Players must collect pieces and do their best to prevent the other player from obtaining theirs. Games are played with no more than 16 turns, so they’re fast-paced and highly replayable.

The Hive

The Hive is a fun two-person board game played with tiles pictured with insects. It’s more complex than checkers but less elaborate than chess. In order to win, one player must surround the other player’s queen with their tiles. Moves are based on the types of tiles and the player’s strategy.


Solo Games

Fill your time with some board gaming fun when you’re living alone. Here are some popular options to try out:


On the Dot

Simple but oh-so-addictive, On the Dot requires players to line up their squares, so they’re arranged in accordance with the dots shown on their cards. The game features 64 cards. Players have to flip their cards each turn in order to line them up successfully and win the game.



A board game based on the escape room premise, Exit introduces you to a room that you have to escape from. The only way to get out is to solve puzzles using the game decoder and clues. 



Based on the labyrinth concept, MazeScape requires a player to search for an exit. The player has to use maps and their brainpower to puzzle their way out.


Games for Board Game Fanatics

There are board games, and then there are board games that you dream about. If you and a group of friends are searching for a game to obsess over, look no further than these:



A game played with Star Wars miniatures, X-Wing is definitely a must for fans of the Star Wars films. Think tactical space combat when embarking on this galactic game. Players will choose a faction side—Rebels, First Order, Galactic Empire, Galactic Republic, Resistance, Scum or Separatist Alliance and set out to dog fight atop a table. Players attempt to destroy their opponent’s ships by dice rolls. Each ship can move differently and is subject to individualized patterns of damage. Though designed for two to eight players, it can be updated for team play.



Avalon takes players back in history to the time of Arthur and his Knights. To play, players are assigned cards that designate whether they’re an agent of Arthur or a minion of Mordred. Each side will struggle to rule over Camelot, which is the basis of the game. Ideally, the game is played with no fewer than five players, but 5-10 players are ideal. During the gameplay, players must determine who is loyal and who is treacherous. If opponents achieve three quests during the game, they will win Camelot. The gameplay is based on cards and tiles. 


These games offer hours upon hours of fun for players. Once you purchase the game, you can enjoy it repeatedly with family members or friends. Planning a party? Be sure to have a few of these games on hand. They’re genuine boredom busters, and they have all the makings of a good old-fashioned night of fun. To fully enjoy your game night or afternoon, be sure to stock up your home bar with plenty of drinks, soda and snacks. 


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